Baby names for mischief makers

According to a poll by Bounty, teachers say that they can identify the children most likely to cause trouble by their names!


The names Connor, Callum, Courtney and Jack are the names teachers deem to denote a child most likely to get up to mischief. The poll of 3000 teachers run by, found Chelsea to indicate a female troublemaker and Callum to be the naughtiest boy.

More than 49 per cent of the teachers surveyed made assumptions about a child based on their name, with 57 per cent of teachers acknowledging that naughtier children tended to be more popular than those who are well behaved.

When asked for names that they thought indicated bright children, the teachers suggested Elizabeth, Charlotte, William and Alexander. Of course, teachers are only human and – rightly or wrongly – sometimes made assumptions based on their previous experiences. Its important to highlight that Daniel appears in both lists and we all know it is possible to be both bright and naughty!

So if you have a long list of baby name potentials, you might want to check out the naughty and bright names below.
Baby Names Poll

Naughty names for boys

1. Callum

2. Connor

3. Jack

4. Daniel

5. Brandon

6. Charlie

7. Kyle

8. Liam

9. Jake

10. Brooklyn

Naughty names for girls

1. Chelsea

2. Courtney

3. Chardonnay

4. Aleisha

5. Casey

6. Crystal

7. Jessica

8. Brooke

9. Demi

10. Aisha
Bright baby names

Bright names for boys

1. Alexander

2. Adam

3. Christopher

4. Benjamin

5. Edward

6. Matthew

7. Daniel

8. James

9. Harry

10. William

Bright names for girls

1. Elisabeth

2. Charlotte

3. Emma

4. Hannah

5. Rebecca

6. Abigail

7. Grace

8. Alice

9. Anna

10. Sophie

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Source: Telegraph

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