Hottest baby name trends 2012

The new year will see an abundance of changing trends. An ever changing trend year on year is baby names. With names becoming more fashionable than clothing and celebrity baby name watch becoming a firm fixture in the press, naming your baby in 2012 might just be the biggest decision you ever make.

Baby Names 2012

The experts at NameBerry have spoken and the 12 hottest trends of the coming year appear to be:

  1. Modern hero names
  2. Same but different names
  3. Fierce names
  4. West
  5. Vowel: A
  6. Consonant: M
  7. Adjective names
  8. Comeback name: Betty
  9. Middle name connectors
  10. Justified’s Arlo
  11. ‘ley’ names to fade away
  12. ‘ie’ names
  13. Mindful Mum predicts

Modern hero names

For boys and girls, names to honour real and fictional modern day heroes are set to soar in 2012. Think celebrities, sports stars, characters from literature and singers past and present. Names to fit with this trend include: Gatsby, Monroe, Jackson and Acer.

At Mindful Mum, we already predicted this trend was coming! Have a look at our Sports star names for boys and sport star inspired names for girls. Or for those who love literature, we’ve compiled our favourite character names from a range of genres for boys and for girls.

Same but different names

Modernise a favourite name to create a same but different one. Take Isabella and turn it into Arabella or number one baby name in Britain, Olivia, generates different spelling to create Alivia.

Fierce names

Think wilderness, think strength, think natural instincts with this naming trend for 2012. Names with connotations of strength and nature are set to be really big in the coming year. Names to fit this trend include: Bear, Fox, Hawk and Wilder.


Dad-to-be might just turn into the coolest person in his circle of friends when he announces his baby name following this trend. Anything from the Wild West goes in this one and that only means one thing, cowboys. Names to fit this trend include: Weston, Wyatt, Wayne, Maverick, Colt, Harry and even Clint.

Vowel: A

Brought to you by the letter A. Expect to hear of plenty of children born in 2012 with names beginning with the letter A. From Amelia to Alistair, all of the favourites will be up there with the addition of a few new names including Archer, Anais and Azalea.

Consonant: M

Make way for M. This consonant is set for a boost in 2012 with names like Maisie and Millie for the girls and Magnus and Milo rising up the list of top names for the boys. In 2012, the actor, Sienna Miller chose Marlowe Ottoline for her baby girl, confirming the celebrity trend for unusual and bookish names.

Adjective names

Noun names like Apple are taking a backseat to make way for adjective names. Choose your child’s character traits before they develop with names such as Loyal, Honest, True and Sunny predicted to become big in 2012.

Come back name: Betty

A popular name from the past predicted to make a drastic comeback in 2012 is Betty. Such a popular name for such a long amount of time, this wasn’t something we expected to survive a resurrection but it’s been revamped and it’s back for 2012.

Middle name connectors

Middle names have honoured family members and close friends for years but gone are the typical Elizabeth or Anthony middle names. Middle names will still honour family members, but will instead use nicknames of that person, such as Bee or Tony.

Justified’s Arlo

The most unlikely inspiration for a name trend in 2012 is evil Grandpa Arlo from TV series Justified.

‘ley’ names to fade away

Adding ‘ley’ to almost anything has been a popular name trend in the past with plenty of Bradley’s, Kinley’s, Finley’s and Ashley’s gracing the nursery registers. This is one name trend that won’t be carried into the new year.

‘ie’ names

Creating overly cute and adorable names is as easy as sticking ‘ie’ on the end. Names such as Hattie, Addie and Lottie that were all the rage in the 19th Century are ditching their modern ‘y’s’,’ey’s’ and ‘ee’ endings and returning to their vintage spellings in 2012.

Mindful Mum predicts

Here at Mindful Mum, we’ve made a few of our own predictions!

  • In 2012, we think biblical baby names will continue to prove popular whether a family is religious or not
  • Seasonal baby names drawing on nature as inspiration will prove popular in the new year
  • Song inspired baby names from all the greats, such as Penny from Penny Lane will see an increase in popularity and
  • We predict aspirational names from some of the best painters, artists and sculptors in the world will trend in 2012.

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