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Whether you are Irish yourself, have Irish ancestors or are just interested in the country, Ireland has a vast collection of unique baby names. Here are some unique baby names from Ireland for girls. Expecting a baby boy, click here for Irish boy names.



One’s own meadow. The name is derived from old English and adapted to Irish. It was originally a male name, which is now increasingly popular for females. Ainslee is an alternative version.


Dream. Vision, inspiration. From the old Irish ‘aislinge’. It was adopted as a first name as part of the Irish revival in the 20th Century, and was formerly a male name in ancient times, but is now a female name.


Beautiful or radiant. The name is Irish in origin and is possibly derived from ‘aoibh’ which means beauty. In the folk tale about the Ulster hero Cu Chulainn, Aife (alternative spelling) was the fiercest woman warrior in the world. Famous people named Aoife include the psychologist Dr Aoife Lyons.


Raven, raven maid. The name is the feminine version of the Irish male name Brendan, which comes from the Irish St Brendan and means ‘prince’. Famous people named Brenda include the actress Brenda Blethyn.


Sorrow. This is the Irish form of Dolores, which refers to the Virgin Mary as Mary of the sorrows. Famous people named Bronagh include the actress Bronagh Gallagher.


Cliona comes from the old Irish name ‘Clidna’, which was the name of one of three beautiful daughters of the poet Manannan Mac Lir in Irish legend. A fairy named Cliona was also the guardian spirit of the MacCarthys. The modern spelling is Cliodhna.


Thought to be ‘goddess of water’. The name is derived from the Irish rivers in counties Tipperary and Waterford. Like many rivers in Ireland, the name is also associated with a female deity. Famous people named Clodagh include Clodagh McKenna, the chef and food writer.


The name is derived from the Celtic word for ‘girl’, which is ‘cailin’. The name is often used for a collection of Irish women or girls as ‘colleens’. Famous people named Colleen include the singer and TV personality Coleen (alternative spelling) Nolan.


Peace. This is also the ancient name for Ireland, which comes from an ancient goddess named Eriu. She was one of three queens of the Tuatha De Danann. Famous people named Erin include the model Erin O’Connor.


Grain, seed. The name is pronounced Graw-nya which comes from the old Irish ‘grainne’ and is the name of an ancient Irish grain goddess. In the legend, she was betrothed to Finn but eloped with Diarmaid. Another Grania was a chieftainess of the Burkes of County Mayo, who was well known for her skills at sea.


Pure. An Irish form of Katherine, Kathie and Kate. This popular group of names comes from the Greek ‘katharos’ which means pure, and Kathleen is the Irish variant of this group. Famous people named Kathleen include the American actress Kathleen Turner.


Descendants of Ciar. Dark, dark haired. The name comes from Irish Gaelic. Kerry is also a county in Ireland which is renouned for its beauty and was named after the Gaelic tribe who lived there. Famous people named Kerry include the West End actress Kerry Ellis.


Fragile, or intoxicating. The name comes from the old Irish ‘Medb’, which was the name of the goddess of sovereignty at Tara. She was allegedly the wife of 9 successive kings, including Conn of the Hundred Battles and his son Art!


Of the long hair, sea white or sea fair. The name comes from the old Irish ‘muir’ which means sea, and is a feminine version of Murphy. The legendary Queen Muireann was ancestress of the Kings of Connacht.


Luster, sheen, brightness, radiance, brilliance. The name is derived from the old Irish ‘Niam’. Niamh was a legendary princess of Tir- na-nog (the land of youth) who in legend, took Oisin mac Cumhaill to the otherworld. Famous people named Niamh include the Irish actress Niamh Cusack.


Golden woman. The name is derived from the old Irish words for gold, and ‘flaith’ which means sovereignty or Queen. Orla was the name of King Brian Boru’s sister and daughter, and was particularly popular in the middle ages. A popular modern spelling is Orlaith.


Little rose. This is the Irish version of the English names Rose, Rosaleen or Rosie. Famous people named Roisin include the singer Roisin Murphy.


Freedom or liberty. The name is derived from the Irish word ‘saor’. The name was popular as a male name in the past, but is now popular as a female name. Famous people named Saoirse include the actress Saoirse Ronan.


Gracious, or gracious Lord. This is the Irish version of the French- Norman names Jeanne and Jonet, and the English name Jane. Famous people named Sinead include the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor.


Tower, or crag. The name comes from the old Irish ‘temair’ who was the wife of Eremon, leader of the ancestors of the Irish in legend. Temair gave her name to the hill of Tara, which is the traditional seat of Irish kingship. Famous people named Tara include the actress Tara Reid.

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