Scottish boys names

Scotland is a country boasting stunning views and is rich in tradition. As surnames have an important significance in Scotland, many traditional surnames are now used as first names. Many Scottish names are from Gaelic roots. Below are a list of Scottish names for your baby boy. Looking for girls names, go to Scottish girls names.

Scottish Boys Names

A collection of traditionally Scottish names for boys. Remember to check out the Scottish baby names map.


Defender of mankind. This is the Gaelic variation of the Greek name Alexander, which comes from Alexander the Great. Alister and Alistair are alternative spellings, MacAlisters claimed descent from Alasdair, son of Donald of Islay (Lord of the Isles). Famous Scots named Alasdair include Alasdair Gray, the writer and novelist and Alasdair Fraser, the fiddler.


To defend, man warrior. The name comes from the fame of Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. Famous Scots named Alexander include the inventors Alexander Fleming, Alexander Graham Bell and the football manager Alex Ferguson.


From the old Irish which means fire. The name comes from the ancient Scottish King Aidan who ruled Argyll in the 6th century. Saint Aidan also established the celebrated monastery of Lindisfarne. Famous Scots named Aidan include the former Celtic footballer Aidan McGeady.


Unique choice, chosen one, unique strength. The name is Scottish and Irish in origin from the old Irish ‘Oengus’, and is the anglicised form of the Gaelic ‘Aonghus’ which is a combination of Celtic elements which mean ‘one’ and ‘choice’. It is also the name of an old Celtic God. Famous Scots named Angus include the author Angus McVicar.


Child of the fields. The name is a derivative of a Gaelic surname ‘blar’, which means plan, field or battlefield. Famous Scots named Blair include the broadcaster Blair Jenkins.


Woods. The name originates from the surname, which is based on the place name Braose (now Brieuse) in Normandy which was brought to Scotland by the Normans. The most famous Scot named Bruce was Robert the Bruce, King of Scots who defeated England at the Battle of Bannockburn.


Dove. The name is Latin in origin and is a variant spelling of Calum which is the Scottish Gaelic name Columba ‘dove’. Popular among early Christians due to the link between the dove and gentleness, peace and purity, Columba was borne by a saint born in Donegal in 521 into a noble family. Trained in priesthood from an early age, he went on to found monastery schools at Durrow, Kells and Derry, then sailed to Scotland to spread
the word of Christianity.


Crooked nose. It is an important clan name, and also a place name in the old Kingdom of Fife. The name is a transferred use of an old Scottish surname and is Gaelic in origin. Famous Scots named Cameron include the TV presenter and Big Brother contestant Cameron Stout.


Child, victory of the people and young cub/creature. The name is Gaelic in origin, and can also be considered as a pet form of Nicholas, although is an increasingly popular name in its own right. Famous Scots named Colin include the racing car driver Colin McRae.


Proud ruler, brown or dark and world. The name comes from the Gaelic Domhmall, which comes from the old Irish ‘domnan’ which means world. Donald was an early Scottish royal name, Clan Donald which was the most powerful Highland Clan. They took the name from the 15th century grandson of Somerled, Lord of the Isles.


Black river, from the dark water and dark river or stream. Scotland, Ireland and Wales all have a river Douglas. The name is extremely popular in Scotland due to the two powerful Scottish clans ‘The Red Douglases’ and ‘The Black Douglases’.


Born of the yew tree. The name comes from the old Irish name Eogan. It is a traditional clan name and Ewan (variant spelling) of Locheil, chief of Clan Cameron was an opponent of Oliver Cromwell. Famous Scots names Ewan include the actor Ewan McGregor.


Strawberry fields. The name comes from the French surname ‘de Frisselle’ which was brought to Scotland in the 13th century by the Normans. The French word for strawberries is ‘fraise’, and the Fraser coat of arms bears the image of strawberry plants. Fraser Forster plays football for the Scottish side Celtic.


From the cornered hill, hero. The name comes from the clan name which is based on a place name in Berwickshire, perhaps derived from ‘gor’ meaning ‘great’ and ‘din’ meaning hill/fort. Famous Scots named Gordon include the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.


Sentry, vigilant, a flock or herd. The name is the Gaelic form of St Gregory of Tours, France and the name was brought to Scotland by the Norman French, and was widely used in the Middle Ages. This name, and all its variations were banned for most of the 17th and 18th century due to alleged misdeeds of some members! Famous Scots named Gregor include the actor Gregor Fisher.


Supplanter. The name is the Gaelic form of James. Famous Scots named Hamish include the Scottish actor Hamish Wilson.


Jackie is often used as a pet name for John, but is an increasingly popular first name in its own right. Famous Scots named Jackie include the Formula One racing car driver Jackie Stewart, who was also known as The Flying Scotsman.


Supplanter. The Scottish form of the ancient name Seumus, and the English form of the name borne in the New Testament by two of Christ’s disciples, James son of Zebedee and James son of Alphaeus. This form comes from Late Latin Iacomus. James is a royal name in Britain associated with James I of Scotland, who is the most famous Scot to bear the name.


Bright fame. The name is often shortened to Rob, or Bob and the most famous Scot bearing this name includes Rob Roy McGregor, the Scottish folk hero. Rob Roy is the anglicised version of the Gaelic name Raibeart Ruadh, meaning red Robert, which is thought to refer to his flaming red hair!


Resolute soldier. The anglicised version of the Gaelic Uilleam, which was brought to Scotland in the Middle Ages by the Normans. Liam is the Irish form of the name, and is also popular in Scotland. The most famous Scot named William was of course William Wallace, the ancient warrior.

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