10 magnificent mythological baby names for your baby boy

If you’re a fan of myths and legends and looking for inspiration on what to name your new addition, why not try some of these mythological names for size?



In Welsh mythology, Aeron is the god of war. Possibly not the traits you want to instill in your baby, but it still makes a nice alternative spelling to the more common ‘Aaron’!


Ajax is a hero in Greek mythology, and an important presence in Homer’s Iliad .


Finn (or Fionn) is a hunter-warrior in Celtic mythology, the name meaning ‘fair’, ‘white’ and ‘bright’.


In Greek mythology, Hector is a prince, and tremendous warrior in the Trojan War. His name means, ‘to hold’.


Midir is the name of one of a primary character in “The Wooing of Étaín”, an Old Irish story. He is the son of the Dagda, an important deity in Irish mythology.


Another name from Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of the god Zeus, and the hero who slayed Medusa.


The god of the sun in Egyptian mythology, and worshipped as the creator god in some areas.


One of the most popular characters in English folklore, the story of Robin Hood as endured throughout the centuries, with several films, books, and TV series based on his legend. The name means ‘bright frame’.


The Norse god of thunder, Thor is often depicted as fierce warrior who wields a hammer. Thor is also a character in the recent Avengers movie.


Ulysses is the Roman version of the name ‘Odysseus’. America’s 18th President (and Civil War hero) had this name.

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