Boys names map of England and Wales

The Office for National Statistics has released the top 100 boys names for England and Wales. Harry has hit the top spot in seven out of ten regions!

In England, Harry was the most popular boys name in seven of the regions. Jack was the most popular in the North East, and Daniel the most popular in London. In Wales, Oliver was the most popular name for boys.

Boys names

Here is the map of the most popular boy names in England and Wale by region in 2011. Why is Harry taking over? Is it because Harry Potter fans are growing up and having children? Or is it the popularity of Harry Styles from One Direction that has helped the name leapfrog to the number one position for the very first time.

Boys names 2012 map of England

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Graphics by Ana Starhan

Source: Office of National Statistics

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  1. John says:

    WOW – thank goodness my boys aren’t called Harry! What inspired this latest trend – surely not Prince Harry ? : )

    • Mindful Mum says:

      Harry Styles from the UK boy band, One Direction, is very popular.Seemingly there are online applications that allow fans to upload a photo and merge with his to see what their baby would look like. Bizarre but true!
      In baby name trends 2012 we predicted that parents would be turning to modern day heroes for inspiration. The book and movie hero, Harry Potter, is also very popular with fans, lets face it if you are fan enough to get a ‘deathly hallows’ tatoo you might just name your child after the noble hero too. Thirdly, there had been a bit of a trend towards traditional names. Harry is a shortened version of Henry, a traditional royal name. just think of Henry V, VIII and our very own Prince Henry.

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