Nature inspired baby names

Here are some ‘earth’ or ‘natural’ inspired baby names to celebrate Earth day.

Earth day baby names

Boys names

Adam – it is of Hebrew origin and means Earth. Adam is a Biblical name and he was the first
man created on the Earth.

Aden – of Gaelic origin, Aden means “fire”.

Caspian – the largest inland body of water in the world. Lies between Russia and Asia.

Dag – of Scandinavian origin, Dag means daylight. In mythology, Dag was the son of Night who brought the Daylight with him as he rode his horse around the world.

Flint/Flynt – Old English origin, Flint means “stream”. It also refers to the hard quartz that produces a spark needed for fire.

Jahan – a name of Hindi and Sanskrit origin meaning “the world”.

Kai – a name with Welsh, Scandinavian and Greek origin, Kai means “keeper of the keys, Earth”

Nalin – a Hindu name meaning “lotus”, a beautiful flower that flourishes in muddy waters.

River – Nature related, River is a name increasing in popularity.

Zephyr – of Greek origin, Zephyr means “west wind”.

Girls names

Afra – From Hebrew and Arabic origin, Afra means “baby deer, colour of Earth”

Azura – a variant of the Spanish name Azure, it means “sky blue”.

Blossom – meaning “flower-like” is of Old English origin.

Brenna – of Gaelic origin, Brenna means “little drop of water”.

Eve – Eve is of Hebrew origin and means “life, animal”. Biblically, Eve was the first woman created on the Earth.

Gaia – as a girl’s name is a variant of Gaea (Greek), the meaning of Gaia is “the earth”. In Greek Mythology, Gaia came from the god Chaos and created the world.

Grace – of Latin origin, Grace means “favour, blessing”. In Mythology, the Three Graces were three Goddesses of Nature.

Iris – Iris is of Greek origin and was a messenger-Goddess who rode rainbows between Heaven and Earth to deliver messages from Olympus.

Luciana – of Italian and Armenian origin, Luciana means “light, moon”.

Willow – Willow means graceful. Willow is of English origin and is the name given to the slender and graceful tree.

Zola – a name originating from Italian, Zola means “a lump of Earth”

What is Earth Day?

To learn a little more about Earth Day and how to celebrate with your children, why not have a look at how to celebrate Earth Day?

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