Trends for naming twin girls

From place names, to names ending in the same letter here are the latest trends in naming twin girls.


There are lots of theories on how you should name twin girls. Many experts believe you should not pair or match names because it is important that each child develop their own sense of self. If you do want to match names, think about giving them a middle name so they have the option, if they so wish, to switch as they get older.

Here are the latest UK and US naming trends for twin girls.

Names ending in the letter ‘A’
Virtue names
Names starting with the letter ‘M’
Place names
Ava and …
Celebrity twin names for girls

Names ending in the letter ‘A’

Girls names ending in a vowel have become increasingly popular in the UK and US. The most popular pairing for twin girls names is Olivia and Sophia. In 2011, 50 twin girls were named Oliva and Sophia.

  • Olivia and Sophia
  • Isabella and Sophia
  • Gabriella and Isabella
  • Ella and Emma

Virtue names

The three theological virtues are Faith, Hope and Charity and are often given to triplet girls. Faith and Hope are common names for twin girls and there were 33 twin girls named Faith and Hope in the USA during 2011. Faith, Hope and Charity Cardwell, born in 1899 in Texas were recognized in 1994 by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest lived triplets.

  • Faith, Hope and Charity are the traditional virtue names given by the Puritans between the 16th and 17th Century in England.
  • Grace, Honor, Prudence, Patience, Joy are also considered to be virtue names associated with the Puritans.

Names starting with the letter ‘M’

The consonant ‘M’ is proving popular for parents wishing to give their twin daughters names with the same letter. Currently Makayla and Makenzie are the most popular pairing in the US, with 31 twin babies given these names in 2012. Popular names beginning with the letter ‘M’ in the UK include shortened names such as  Millie and Maisie.

  • Makayla and Makenzie
  • Megan and Matilda
  • Molly and Mia
  • Madison and Martha

Place names

Place names are becoming ever popular with celebrities, such as Kim Khardashian who named her baby Penelope Scotland and the Beckhams who named their son Brooklyn. Twin place names that are popular in the US include London and Paris, where 14 twin girls were given these names.

  • London and Paris
  • Sienna and Florence

Ava and …

Ava, means ‘life’ and is Hebrew in origin.  In Latin, it means ‘bird’ and in German it means ‘desired’. It became popular in the 1950’s inspired by the beautiful actress Ava Gardner. Ava is also a Persian name, meaning “pleasant sound” and is a popular name in Iran. Most pairings of Ava include names that end in the letter ‘A’. Ava and Emma is the most popular with 17 twin girls born in 2012 been given these names in the US.

  • Ava and Emma
  • Ava and Olivia
  • Ava and Mia
  • Ava and Ella

Celebrity twin girl names

Interestingly, most celebrity parents do not give their children matched names. Celebrity twins tend to have different sounding names too.

Twins born to famous parent:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick named their twin girls Marion and Tabitha.
  • Marcia Cross named her twin girls Eden and Savannah
  • US President George W. Bush named his twin daughters Barbara and Jenna
  • Lisa Marie Presley named her twin girls, Finlay and Harper
  • Princess Aisha and Princess Sara bint Al Faisal are twin daughters of Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan and Princess Alia

Famous twin girls:

  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are famous twin sisters who act, model and run their own successful business
  • Model Jerry Hall has a twin sister called Terry
  • Model, Gisele Bundchen shares her stunning looks with Patricia
  • Actress, Isabella Rossellini has a twin sister called Isotta Ingrid
  • Welsh singer, Duffy has a twin sister called Katy Ann
  • Actress, Eva Green and her sister Joy
  • X-Factor Extra host, Caroline Flack has twin sister called Jody

For more celebrity baby names see crazy celebrity baby names.
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