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Girls names

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For example, by clicking on CHANGE you can see that the girl’s name Willow has risen 37 places in popularity since 2010. The meaning of the name Willow is ‘slender and graceful’. Willow belongs to the ‘Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour’ trend. Famous people called Willow include Will Smith’s daughter, Willow who is a singer in her own right. Seven hundred and seventy two babies were given the name Willow in 2011, ranking the name 75 in the top 100 girls baby names.

Table of girls names

AMELIA ,Industrious (to work). Of Latin and Old German origin. ,Royal,Princess Amelia (1711–1786) Amelia Earheart (Aviator) Amelia Pond (Dr Who character),1,5054,4
OLIVIA ,Olive tree. Of Latin origin. Modern associations include peace. First coined by William Shakespeare for a character in the Twelfth Night.,Shakespearian,Olivia Newton-John (Actress / Singer) Olivia Manning (British Novelist),2,4938,-1
LILY ,”White flower, purity. Of English origin and a variant spelling of Lilly.”,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,Lily Allen (Singer),3,4761,1
JESSICA ,Wealthy or ‘to see’. Hebrew origin. Charcter in Shakespear’s Merchant of Venice.,Shakespearian,”Jessica Alba (Actress), Sarah Jessica Parker (Actress)”,4,3984,2
EMILY ,Rival or eager. From Latin name Ameila.,Traditional,Emily Blunt (Actress) Emily Bronte (Author) Emily Watson (Actress),5,3974,-2
SOPHIE ,Wisdom. Greek origin and a shortened version of Sophia.,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,Sophie Dahl (Model & Authoer),6,3923,-4
RUBY ,Red jewel. English origin first used in 1870’s.,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,Ruby Wax (Comedian),7,3702,-
GRACE ,Virtue name referring to God’s Grace. Beauty (effortless beauty). The name is Old French via Latin gratia. ,Traditional,Grace Kelly (Actress & Princess of Monaco) ,8,3691,1
AVA ,”Life. The name is Hebrew in origin. In Latin, it means ‘bird’ and in German means ‘desired’. Ava is also a feminine given name name in Persian, meaning a ‘pleasant sound'”,Short and sweet,Ava Gardner (Actress),9,3621,2
ISABELLA ,My God is my vow. Latin form of Isabel and aternative form of Elizabeth,Royal,Isabella Rossellini (Actress),10,3464,2
EVIE ,”Life. Hebrew in origin, Evie is a pet form of Eve, Eva or Evelyn “,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,Evie Greene (Edwardian Actress),11,3385,-1
CHLOE ,Green. From the Late Greek name Khloe. One of the many names of the Greek goddess Demeter.,Goddess,Chloe Sevigny (Actress) Khloe Kardashian (Reality TV Star) ,12,3347,-4
MIA ,From the sea (Scandnavian) OR Beloved (Slavic) OR may oriniate from Latin as shortened version of Maria. ,Short and sweet,Mia Farrow (Actress),13,3346,-
POPPY ,Flower. Latin origin.,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,Poppy Longstocking (Children’s Book Character),14,2932,2
ISLA ,Island or place. Scottish place name.,Place name,Isla fisher (Actress),15,2849,7
ELLA ,Fairy maiden or bright light. The name is of German origin and was introduced to Britain by the Normans. Of English and German origin. Also a nickname for Isabella and Gabriella.,Starts and ends with a vowel,Ella Fitzgerald (Jazz Singer) ,16,2783,2
ISABELLE ,God is my oath. Italian origin and variant of Elizabeth.,Royal,Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan (Twilight character),17,2719,-
SOPHIA ,Wisdom. Greek origin. Honoured as the goddes of wisdom. Sophiology is also a philosophical concept regarding the biblical wisdom of God.,Goddess,Sophia Loren (Actress) Sophia Bush (Actress),18,2661,9
FREYA ,Noble Woman. Freya is the name for the Norse goddess of love and fertility. Love the name Freya? See more goddess and mythological girls names here.,Goddess,Freya North (British Author),19,2619,-
DAISY ,”Flower name meaning Day’s eye. The name comes from the English word denoting the flower because the flower uncovers its yellow centre during the day, and closes at night (Also nickname for Margaret)”,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,The Great Gatsby character and Daisy Duke in ‘The Dukes of Hazard’,20,2458,-5
CHARLOTTE ,Free. French and feminine version of Charles.,Royal,Charlotte (Sex in the City Character) Queen Charlotte (Royalty) Charlotte Church (Musican),21,2390,-1
MAISIE ,Pearl. Scottish shortened version of Margaret.,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,”Maisie (Character in Heny James novel), Mouse character in children’s book”,22,2230,-8
LUCY ,”Light. Origin is English and a femine version of Lucius. As of light (born at dawn or daylight, maybe also shiny, or of light complexion)”,Surname,”Saint Lucy (283–304) Patron Saint of the Blind, Lucy Honeychurch (A Room with a View)”,23,2228,-2
PHOEBE ,”Bright. Latin form of Greek diety. Phoebe is found in Greek mythology as a name for Artemis, the goddess of the moon.Phoebe is also an irregular satellite of Saturn.”,Goddess,Phoebe Buffay (Friends TV character),24,2008,4
SCARLETT ,”Scarlett. The name is French in origin and is derived from the colour, a bright shade of red. “,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,”Scarlett Johansson (Actress), Also character in ‘Gone with the Wind'”,25,1987,-1
HOLLY ,Holly. The name is English in origin and is derived from the word for the evergreen shrub/tree. If you like seasonal names see our list of seasonal names for girls here. ,Seasonal,Holly Willoughby (TV Presenter),26,1971,-1
LILLY ,”White flower, purity. Of English origin and a variant spelling of Lily. From the old French word for flower. Symbol of purity. “,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,Lily Allen (Singer),27,1950,12
ELLIE ,”Ellie is French in origin and is generally used as a pet name for other names beginning with ‘el’, such as Eleanor. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially when used to create compound names such as Ellie-Rose or Ellie-May. “,Shortened version of traditional name,”Ellie Goulding (Musican) , Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Simmonds (Swimmer and Paralympian)”,28,1893,1
MEGAN ,”Little pearl. The name is Welsh in origin and is either derived from, or is a precursor to the name Meg, which is a pet name for Margaret. “,Shortened version of traditional name,Megan Fox (Actress),29,1799,-6
LAYLA ,Night. Born at Night. Dark-haired beauty. Arabic origin.,Persian,”Layla (Eric Clapton Song), Layla (Middle Eastern love story Layla and Majnun)”,30,1780,14
LOLA ,Sorrows. Spanish origin and originally a short version of Dolores.,Shortened version of traditional name,Charlie & Lola (Children’s book character),31,1777,2
IMOGEN ,”Maiden. The name originates from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline (1609). The name was originally Innogen, a Gaelic name meaning ‘girl; maiden’ “,Shakespearian,Imogen Heap (Musician) Imogen Stubbs (Actress),32,1773,-6
EVA ,”Living. Hebrew in origin and derived from the name Eve, first woman on Earth, created by God from one of Adam’s ribs. “,Short and sweet,Eva Longoria (Actress) Eva Herzigova (Model) ,33,1714,4
SUMMER ,”English in origin and derives from the summer season. Summer, along with other seasonal and nature names, came into fashion as part of the 1960s and 70s counterculture”,Seasonal,”Summer Finn, from (500) Days of Summer. “,34,1711,-4
MILLIE ,”Labour, strength. German origin, pet version of Mildred, Camilla, Emily & Millicent. “,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,Millie (Jamacian singer),35,1641,-3
SIENNA ,Italian city and may also refer to the orange-red color of burnt sienna.,Place name,Sienna Miller (Actress),36,1585,11
ALICE ,”Noble. Shortened form of the Old French Adelais, which is derivation from the Germanic name Adalheidis.”,Royal,The Princess Alice (1843 – 1878) . Alice In Wonderland (Fictional character). Alice Walker (Author),37,1554,6
ABIGAIL ,”Father’s joy. Hebrew name of King David’s sister, and also his wife. “,Biblical,Abigail Breslin (Actress),38,1493,-4
ERIN ,Ireland or Peace. Gaelic in origin Erin is the anglicised version of Eirinn. Also thought to come from the name for the Irish Goddess Eriu. If you like Erin see more Irish girls names here. ,Gaelic,Erin O’Conner (Model),39,1491,-4
LACEY ,Laced. English in origin and is taken from the surname Lassy. It is also linked to the property of a fabric being ‘lacey’. ,Surname,Lacey Turner (Actress) Cagney & Lacey (US TV Sitcom),40,1475,-4
HANNAH ,”God has favoured me. Hebrew origin, borne by the mother of the prophet Samuel.”,Biblical, Hannah Spearritt (Actress) Hannah Montana (TV character),41,1462,-10
JASMINE ,”Flowering plant. Sometimes spelled Yasmin, closer to the pronunciation of the Persian name it is related to.”,Persian,Jasmine Guinness (Designer and model) Jasmin Harmin (TV Presenter),42,1429,-1
FLORENCE ,”Blossoming or ‘I flower’. Latin origin, also derived from the Italian city Firenze, or Florence, in English.”,Place name,Florence Nightingale (Nurse) Florence Welsh (Musican),43,1406,11
ELIZABETH ,God is my oath. From the Greek Elisávet. Elizabeth appears in the Old Testament as the name of Aaron’s wife and in the New Testament as the mother of John the Baptist. ,Royal,”Elizabeth II, Elizabeth I and several Saints”,44,1396,5
LEXI ,Protect. Lexi is a nickname of given names starting with ‘Alex’,Shortened version of traditional name,Lexi Ainsworth (Actress on General Hospital),45,1324,1
MOLLY ,Molly or Mollie is a pet-name for Margaret or Mary.,Shortened version of traditional name,Molly Ringwald (Actress),46,1322,-4
SOFIA ,Wisdom. Greek origin and a shortened version of Sophia. Also capital of Bulgaria. ,Royal,”Queen Sofía of Spain, Sofia Coppola (Film Director)”,47,1249,15
MATILDA ,”Might and strength. Female name, of Gothic derivation, derived from words corresponding to Old High German ‘mahta’ (meaning ‘might, strength’) and ‘hildr’ (meaning ‘battle’).”,Royal,” Empress Matilda, Matilda’ the novel by Roald Dahl.”,48,1225,5
EMMA ,Whole. Germanic in origin andderived from the word ermen meaning universal.,Traditional,Emma Watson (Actress) Emma (book by Jane Austin) Emma Thompson (Actress),49,1221,-1
BROOKE ,Small stream or brook. Old German in origin. ,Surname,Brooke Shields (Actress),50,1216,-5
AMY ,Beloved. French in origin and English version of the French Amee. Amy McDonald.,Short and sweet,Amy Macdonald (Scottish Singer),51,1213,-13
AMBER ,Orange-yellow jewel. Amber is a fossilized tree resin often used in the making of jewelry. Derived from the Arabic word ???? or anbar.,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,Amber Valletta (Actress and model),52,1201,-
GRACIE ,”Vintage variant of Grace (Latin), and the meaning of Gracie is ‘favor; blessing’.”,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,”Dame Gracie Fields, DBE (English Actress)”,53,1162,-2
AMELIE ,Industrious (to work) OR fertile. Of Latin and Old German origin and variant of Amelia. The variant form Amelie is derived from the French equivalent.,Royal,Amélie Poulain (Chacter from film of same name) Amelia Voght( X-Men character),54,1128,1
ROSIE ,”Name of flower. A form of the English language given name Rose, Latin origin.”,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Model and actress) Numerous songs called ‘Rosie’.,55,1124,4
LEAH ,”Delicate. Of Hebrew origin and biblical. Jacob’s first wife, the mother of Dinah and six of Jacob’s twelve sons. In Hawaiian mythology: Lea is the goddess of canoe makers.”,Biblical,Princess Leia of ‘Star Wars’ (Film character) ,56,1120,-6
KATIE ,”Pure. The name is Greek in origin, and a nickname for Catherine/Katherine. “,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,”Kate Middleton (Now Duchess of Windsor), Katie Melua (Musican) Katie Holmes (Actress) “,57,1105,-17
MAYA ,”Illusion. From Hindu philosophy and in mythology an alternative name of Hindu goddess Durga. Also Queen Maya of Sakya was also the name of the mother of Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha. In Hebrew, the name Maya is a short form of ‘ma’ayan,’ meaning ‘spring’ or ‘brook.’ In Old Persian the name means ‘generous.’also used as a tribute to the Maya peoples of southern Mexico and northern Central America.”,Goddess,”Maya Angelou (b. 1928), African-American author and poet”,58,1072,-1
ELEANOR ,”Compassin. Greek origin possibly from the Greek name ‘eleos’ meaning ‘compassion’, or from German ‘ali’ meaning ‘other, foreign’.”,Royal,”Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century) Eleonora Dashwood (Jane Austin’s novel Sense & Sensibility)”,59,1049,2
GEORGIA ,”Farmer, of the Earth. Feminine version of Geoge. The name derives from the Greek word farmer or ‘earth-worker'”,Traditional,Ray Charles song ‘Georgia On My Mind’,60,1022,-4
EMILIA ,”Latin origin. Emilia thought to be a variant of Roman Emily that was introduced by Boccaccio, an Italian writer from the 14th century and was subsequently popular in the middle ages.”,Shakespearian,Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones Actress) Emilia Fox (Actress) Emilia from Shakespeare’s play Othello,61,1007,10
ELIZA ,God is my oath. Eliza is a shortened form of Elizabeth,Shortened version of traditional name,”Eliza Doolittle (Musican), Eliza Fraser (Scottish woman after whom Fraser Island in Australia is named)”,62,955,31
FAITH ,Faith. From Latin fidere ‘to trust’. An English virtue name made popular by the Puritans during the 17th century.,Traditional,Faith Hill (Singer) Paloma Faith (English singer-songwriter),63,914,2
BETHANY ,House of figs or ‘daughter of the Lord’. Bethany is of Hebrew origin and derived from a Biblical place name meaning ‘house of figs’. Bethany was the town where Lazarus lived in the New Testament.,Biblical,Bethany Joy Galeotti (Actress),64,913,-5
EVELYN ,”Life. Derived from Aveline, a Norman French name. Hebrew in origin. Today, Evelyn is a unisex name, although more common in females.”,Traditional,Evelyn Welch (Art Historian) Evelyn Waugh (English satirical novelist),65,871,22
ISABEL ,My God is a vow. Latin form of Isabel and aternative form of Elizabeth,Royal,Isabel Allende (Chilean Author) Ishbel Maria Hamilton-Gordon (Author),66,857,-8
ANNA ,Grace or To Favour. It is a Latin form of the Greek name???? and the Hebrew name Hannah. Anne is the French variant. Saint Anne was traditionally the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary.,Traditional,”Anna of Austria (Queen of Spain) Anna Karenina (Novel by Leo Tolstoy), Anna Kournikova (Tennis player)”,67,827,-4
HOLLIE ,”Christmas plant. Hollie is a variant of Holly, the name for the plant, Holly that bears red fruit during winter and is from the Old English word holen.”,Seasonal,”Holly Hunter (Actress) Holly Golightly (from book and film Breakfast At Tiffany’s), Holly Willoughby”,68,825,1
BELLA ,Beautiful. Related to the Italian and Latin words for beautiful. Also thought to be a shortened version for Isabella and Annabella.,Shortened version of traditional name,Bella Freud (British designer) Bella Swan (From the Twilight series),69,823,+35*
PAIGE ,Young helper or child. Of Old English origin. A page in medieval households was usually a young boy whose service was the first step in his training as a knight. Today Paige is a very popular first name for girls in the UK and US.,Surname,Elaine Paige (British singer) Paige Guthrie (X-men character) Paige Matthews (Charmed TV) character,70,811,-7
HARRIET ,Home ruler. An English version of the French name Henriette and the female version of Henry.,Traditional,”Harriet Harman (UK Politician), Harriet Brooks (Nuclear Physicist)”,71,809,15
ESME ,To love. Old French meaning is ‘beloved’ and is sometimes thought to be a variant of Aimewhich means ‘beloved’. Sometime used as short version for Esméralda which derives from the Spanish word for Emerald.,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,Esme Cullen (Twilight Character) Esméralda (Charchter in the Hunchback of Notre Dame),72,797,2
ZARA ,Radiance or light. Arabic in origin. Zara is related to the biblical Sarah.,Biblical,Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips (Equestrian and grand daughter of Queen Elizabeth II),73,790,3
LEXIE ,Protect. Lexie is a nickname of given names starting with ‘Alex’ such as Alexandra.,Shortened version of traditional name,Lexi Ainsworth (Actress on General Hospital),74,788,-6
WILLOW ,Graceful. It is of English origin and comes from the word for the slender and graceful Willow tree. ,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour, Willow Smith (Singer) and daughter to actors Will and Jada Smith,75,772,+37*
ROSE ,Flower name. Rose is of Latin origin and has Christian symbolic meaning. The ‘rosa mystica’ is the Virgin Mary. Rosario is a variant popular in Spain and America. ,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour,”Rose McGowan (Actress), Rose Byrne (Damages Actress)”,76,764,14
MADISON ,Son of the mighty warrior. Of Old English origin. Possibly a variant of Madeline (Hebrew) ‘woman from Magdala’. The mermaid heroine Madison in the hit film ‘Splash’ probably influenced the use of the surname and boy’s name as a girl’s name.,Surname,Madison (Character in Splash),77,760,-10
JULIA ,”Youthful. Of Latin in origin, Julia is the female version of Julius. “,Traditional, Julia Roberts (Actress),78,759,-1
ANNABELLE ,”God has favoured me. Hewbre in origin, Annabell is a variant of Anabel, Ann (Hebrew) and Annabel, and the meaning of Annabelle is ‘He (God) has favored me’.”,Traditional,Annabel Karmel (Children’s Recipe Writer),79,758,10
ISOBEL ,”God is my vow. Latin in origin, Isobel is a Scottish varient of Isabel and dervied from Elizabeth.”,Royal,”Isobel Campbell (Scottish Singer), ‘Isobel’ (Song by Icelandic singer Björk)”,80,754,-5
NIAMH ,”Bright. In Irish mythology, Niamh was a goddess, the daughter of the god of the sea and one of the queens of Tír na nÓg, the land of eternal youth. She was the lover of the poet-hero Oisín.”,Goddess,Niamh Cusack (Irish Actress) ,81,733,-3
MADDISON ,Son of the mighty warrior. Of Old English origin. Possibly a variant of Madeline (Hebrew) ‘woman from Magdala’. The mermaid heroine Madison in the hit film ‘Splash’ probably influenced the use of the surname and boy’s name as a girl’s name.,Surname,Madison (Character in Splash),82,731,-1
MARTHA ,”Lady and mistress of the house. Of Aramaic origin, Martha is in the Bible, the sister of Mary and Lazarus. Martha was also popular with the Puritans. “,Biblical,Martha Stewart (American talk show host),83,723,2
SKYE ,Placename. An English unisex name pronouced Sky. Place name for the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland.,Place name,Skye Edwards (Singer in Morcheeba),84,717,-11
LAUREN ,”Laurel tree. Latin in origin, the meaning of Lauren is ‘the bay, or laurel plant’. Feminine form of Lawrence or variant of Laura. “,Flower / Nature / Jewels / Colour, Lauren Bacall (Actress) Lauren Hutton (Model),85,710,-15
CAITLIN ,”Pure. Caitlin is of Old French and Greek origin, and the meaning of Caitlin is ‘pure’. Caitlín is the Irish Gaelic form of Cateline, which is the Old French form of Katherine, whose source is the Greek name Aikaterine.”,Gaelic,Caitlin Moran (Columnist & broadcaster),86,708,-20
ELSIE ,My God is my vow. Scottish Hebrew origin. Thought to be a pet name for Elspeth which is a shortened version of Elizabeth.,Vintage ‘ie’ ending,Elsie Morrison (Daughter of musician James Morrison) Elsie Inglis (Innovative Scottish Doctor),87,699,+21*
KEIRA ,”Dark. It is an Anglicized version of Ciara , the name of a 7th century saint, and means ‘dark’ in Irish Gaelic.”,Gaelic,Keira Christina Knightley (English Actress),88,693,-16
REBECCA ,”To Bind. Also captivating. Latin form of the Hebrew name Rebekah. Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament. Popularised in mid 20th century in response to Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Rebecca.”,Biblical,”Rebecca ‘Becky’ Adlington, OBE (British Olympian)”,88,693,-6
SARAH ,”Princess. Hebrew origin. Sarah, is the wife of Abraham in the Bible, the Christian Old Testament”,Biblical,”Sarah Michelle Gellar ( US Actress), Sarah Millican (British Comedian), Sarah Jessica Parker (US Actress)”,90,663,-7
HEIDI ,Noble. Old German origin. It is an affectionate diminutive of the Swiss name Adelheid (English: Adelaide),Traditional,”Heidi (Novel by Johanna Spyri), Heidi Klum (Model)”,91,652,2
ZOE ,”Life. Greek Jewish translation of Eve, a Hebrew name meaning life.”,Short and sweet,Zoe Ball (TV presenter) Zoe Wanamaker (Actress),92,649,-8
MARIA ,Beloved lady. Hebrew origin. Latin form of Hebrew name of Jesus’ mother Mary (Miriam in Hebrew or Maryam in Aramaic). ,Biblical,”Maria Sharapova (Rissian Tennis Player), Maria Montessori (Educator) Maria Bello (US Actress)”,93,628,-2
MARYAM ,”Star of the sea. Aramaic / Hebrew origin. Aramaic name for Miriam the sister of Moses, who saved his life as a baby when she hid him in a basket among the rushes at the river’s edge. “,Biblical,Maryam d’Abo (British Actress),94,616,5
AISHA ,”Alive. Arabic origin, meaning alive or thriving. Brone by the 3rd wife of Muhammad, daughter of Abubekr.”,Persian,Aisha Uka (Miss India UK) Aisha Mirza (UK Musician and Journalist) Ayesha Khan (Pakistani TV Actress),95,613,1
TIA ,Spanish origin. Tia is short for ‘aunt’. Shortened from of Cinthia and Laetita. Stevie Wonder named his daughter Aisha and mentioned her in the song ‘Isn’t she Lovely’ ,Short and sweet,Princess Tia (Egyptian princess from 19th dynasty) Tia Carrere (Actress) Tia & Tamera (Twin reality stars on US TV),95,613,-16
NICOLE ,Victorious people. Greek origin. Feminine version of Nicholas.,Traditional,Nicole Kidman (Actress) Nicole Scherzinger (Singer) Nicole Richie (Socialite),97,605,-5
KAYLA ,”Pure. Greek origin. Meaning ‘pure’ and ‘beloved’ in Greek. Variants include Kaela, Kaila, Cayla, and Quela.”,Shortened version of traditional name,Kayla Johnson (character on Days of Our Lives),98,604,+21*
FRANCESCA ,Free. Latin origin and derived from male name Franciscus meaning ‘free’.,Traditional,Francesca Martinez (Comedian) Francesca Annis (British actress),99,602,+3*
LYDIA ,”Noble kind. Greek origin. Also associated with ‘purple cloth’ because of Lydia of Thyatira, woman and deaconess in the New Testament’s Acts of the Apostles, who was a purple cloth dealer. “,Traditional,Lydia Bennett (Character in Pride & Prejudice) Lydia Becker (British suffragette),100,589,+7*[/table]

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Sources: Baby Names Table ONS 2012

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