Seasonal baby names for girls

When thinking of a name for your little bundle of joy, try considering what season they were born in. Seasonal names are unique and generally based on nature.

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Seasonal baby names for girls

Autumn or fall is a season to really explore the beauty of nature through baby names. Autumn is a particularly colourful season with harvest at it’s core. Baby names for girls born in Autumn are:

  • Autumn, “season of harvest”
  • September, “seventh month”
  • October, “eighth month”
  • Scarlett, “red”
  • Ruby, “red gemstone”
  • Hazel, “Hazel tree – light brown”
  • Amber, “precious stone”
  • Salem, “Place name – Salem witch trials”

The coldest season of the year, winter is associated with warmth, family and of course, Christmas. Baby names from Winter are usually Christmas related or religious. Baby names for girls born in winter are:

  • Winter, “Winter season”
  • December, “twelfth month”
  • Hollie, “Holly tree, associated with Christmas”
  • Ivy, evergreen climbing plant represents fidelity and eternity
  • Noelle, “Christmas”
  • Neve, “snow in Italian”
  • Robyn, “Bright fame, variant on Robin, a bird traditionally seen around Christmas”
  • Natalie, “Latin for Christmas day”

Spring is the season of nature and new growth. Many seasonal names from Spring are surrounding new life, plants, flowers and nature. Names for baby girls born in Spring are:

  • Spring, “season of Spring”
  • April, “fourth month”
  • May, “fifth month”
  • Dawn, “first appearance of light, daybreak”
  • Lily, innocence, purity and beauty”
  • Daisy, “day’s eye, flower”
  • Chloe, “green shoot”
  • Rose, “flower”

Names for babies born in summer are associated with fun, good weather and nature blossoming. Names for baby girls born in Summer are:

  • Summer, “season of Summer”
  • June, “sixth month”
  • Julia, “youthful”
  • Juno, “queen of heaven, protector of women and marriage”
  • Skye, “cloud”
  • Sunshine, “sunshine, associated with summer”
  • Daisy, “day’s eye, flower”
  • Liberty, “freedom, associated with America and 4th July”

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