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Kate and Wills Pregnant

Kate and William – The Duchess is Pregnant

Congratulations to Kate and William. St. James’s Palace has announced that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby! Continue reading

University develops new baby heart monitor technology

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed a new baby heart monitor which will allow doctors to perform resuscitations without stopping to test heart rate Continue reading

MMRV booster shows no increase in seizure risk

Website warned over advertising despite warnings

Parenting website is given another warning by the Advertising Standards Agency despite being ordered to remove content in August this year Continue reading

Rates of breastfeeding on the rise

Low breastfeeding numbers cost the NHS millions

New research commissioned on behalf of UNICEF UK has found that low breastfeeding numbers is costing the NHS millions of pounds and an increase could boost health Continue reading

Eco-friendly teething treatments

Eco-friendly teething treatments

What eco-friendly treatments are available to ease your baby's discomfort when teething? Continue reading

SIDS and baby bedding

How much do you know about SIDS? And how is it connected to your baby’s bedding? Continue reading

New whooping cough advice for pregnant women

The Department of Health has stated that vaccinations will be made available to all pregnant women due to a rise in whooping cough cases in young babies. Continue reading

Buggyfit Wendy MacLeod

Join the baby buggy race!

Fitness expert Wendy MacLeod talks us through the Buggyfit event she'll be hosting, and how you and your family can get involved. Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro review

Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro review

A review of Take a Deep Breath by Nina L. Shapiro. Continue reading

Autism linked with older dads

A landmark study has suggested that there may be a link between autism and older father's with a change in genetic mutations being thought to be the reason Continue reading