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Baby antibiotics linked to obesity

New research involving more than 10,000 children has found that a link exists between childhood obesity and babies who are given antibiotics at less than 6 months Continue reading


Midwives to drop 30 second cord clamp rule

New guidance on cord clamping to be published in November 2012 Continue reading

Babies dont keep lullaby postcard

Babies don’t keep lullaby

Take five minutes to rock your baby to this heartwarming lullaby. Continue reading


Should Granny spend money entertaining your kids?

Grandparents expect to spend £100 on grandchildren during the summer. Continue reading

Website warned after it linked autism to the MMR jab

Website warned after linking autism and MMR jab

ASA give a website warning after it published information which linked the MMR vaccination with autism. Continue reading


Olympians in the making @mumstagram

Lovely photos of little ones inspired by the London Olympics 2012 Continue reading

Effects of meningitis long term for kids

Effects of meningitis long term for kids

New research has found that many children who survive meningitis are left with health complications Continue reading

Better monitoring needed for birth defects

Better monitoring needed for birth defects

New research has claimed that monitoring of birth defects should improve as many are going unreported. Continue reading

Midwives to keep formula under lock and key

Midwives to keep formula under lock and key

New mums will find it more difficult to get formula milk in hospital wards as new program is introduced. Continue reading

Eco friendly exercise

How to exercise the eco way

Exercise doesn't have to be damaging to both your wallet and the environment! Continue reading