Sleep for Baby

Early morning tea with toddler

How to deal with an early riser

Does your little one wake before the break of dawn? Sara German shares her tips on dealing with an early riser. Continue reading

SIDS and baby bedding

How much do you know about SIDS? And how is it connected to your baby’s bedding? Continue reading

Controlled crying to promote sleep does no harm

New research to be published in the Pediatrics journal in October has suggested that controlled crying in infants to promote sleep will do them no lasting harm. Continue reading


Lullabies lyrics for baby

20 of the best lullabies to help baby drift off to sleep. Continue reading

Sleeping bags for kids

Our favourite sleeping bags for children and babies, just in time for the camping season! Continue reading

Cot death causes

Cot death causes and how to protect baby

Find out how to reduce your baby's risk of cot death. Continue reading

Sleep not affected by Mum’s caffeine consumption

Sleep not affected by Mum’s caffeine consumption

Study finds no link between mother caffeine intake and baby sleep patterns. Continue reading

Baby crying part 3 – sleep training strategies

Baby won't sleep? Try these sleep training techniques. Continue reading

Baby Crying - Controlled Crying and Stress

Baby crying part 2 – controlled crying

Lorna Clark, answers parents questions on controlled crying. Continue reading

How to get a baby to sleep

How to get a baby to sleep

Some babies sleep much more than others. Some sleep for long periods, others in short bursts.