Finally, a car that can drive itself

Do you often get stuck in traffic jams on the way to and from work? If you do then you need a jambusting car with new autopilot technology!

Finally, a car that drives itself

The new technology allows drives to relax when stuck in a traffic jam. With one click of a button, the driver can take his feet of the pedals and even hands off the wheel and let the ‘Traffic Jam Assist’ do all of the work.

Once the autopilot vehicle is through the traffic jam and the car reaches 30 mph, the car simply hands back over to the refreshed driver. It might sounds like something from a James Bond film but this technology is real and set to be on the market in as little as five years.

The autopilot will be available on many Ford models in five years and prototypes are currently being tested at Ford’s European research and advanced engineering centre in Germany.

Experts say the technology could help cars stuck in traffic by 37% and reduce journey times by 20% by helping cars keep a steady and efficient pace.

The clever system ‘reads the road’ using a camera and radar behind the rear view mirror that can detect lane lines and other traffic. The ‘brain’ of the device will then ask the driver using voice command if they wish to hand over control and turn on Traffic Jam Assist.

Eh…YES! Where do we sign up?

Photography:  Oran Viriyincy @Flickr

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