Top 5 games to play in the car

At first, long trips in the car might seem like an exciting adventure but after the first 20 minutes, little ones can get restless and bored.

Car games for kids

Keep your children content and entertained on long car journeys with these great games.

  1. I Spy
  2. Count the cars
  3. Tell a tale
  4. I’m thinking of an animal
  5. Keep a straight face

I Spy

This game needs no introduction. We all know the rules, pick an object and let everyone guess by sharing the first letter of the word by saying, “I spy something beginning with…”. The winner who guesses the object wins.

Count the cars

Before setting off on your journey, give each person in the car one colour of cars to count. This game will keep little ones occupied for a long time but if they start to lose interest, encourage them to count by asking how many they’ve all seen so far. You can point out some cars if they seem not to be counting anymore.

Tell a tale

Tell a tale starts off with the driver. The driver must start off a story with one line and then passes it onto the next person to continue the story. This goes around the car with each person adding just a line. You’ll enjoy this insight into your little ones imagination when they turn the story about an old lady collecting her shopping into a story about space travel with aliens and flying saucers!

I’m thinking of an animal

This game can be as simple or difficult as you like depending on the age of the children. Think of an animal and let your kids take it in turn to ask you questions about how many legs your animal has, what colour it is etc. The winner who guesses correctly gets to think of an animal next.

Keep a straight face

When the little faces in the back start to look a bit grumpy, playing this game will quickly lift the mood! Tell one person in the car to keep a straight face for as long as they can. Take it in turns to tell jokes, pull silly faces and put on funny voices to make ¬†the person laugh. If they smile or laugh they’ve lost and you move onto the next person. A really simple game to get everyone smiling again!

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  1. Recipe Junkie says:

    ’21 dare’ seems popular with ours at the moment – each person takes a turn to count, up to a specified number of digits – eg, 3. so person 1 can count up to 3, then person 2 can count from 4-6. The person who actually gets to say ’21’ wins and can dare the other player to do something…

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