10 Of The Most Affordable Family Cars

Need a family car? The good news is that this sector is fiercely competitive and there’s plenty of top class, value for money machinery to choose from. There again, the definition of ‘family car’ has become blurred over the years; with vehicle sizes of all models reflecting the fact that we need our vehicles to be flexible.

For example, cars like the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra – previously below the traditional family car size threshold – could easily be enough for some families now.

Here are ten value for money options.

  1. 1.     Skoda Octavia

Based on VW Golf underpinnings from its parent company, the Skoda offers a usefully bigger option than hatchback rivals such as the VW Golf and Ford Focus.

A range of hatchbacks and estates with various engine and trim options mean there’s one for most pockets.

2. Ford B-Max

If you like MPVs but consider larger ones are a bit overkill, this compact yet roomy Ford is worth a look. It’s well-appointed and very practical.

3. Vauxhall Insignia

A solid, steady and roomy choice with competitive running costs. The large Vauxhall makes most sense as a nearly-new or one-year old used buy rather than brand new as you’ll avoid the towering depreciation.

4. Dacia Duster

For something a bit different, this extremely well-priced crossover is available for around the £9,000 mark for the range-starting Access model.

Lower range models are basically equipped – no electric windows or air conditioning, for example. You can add these and still buy a competitively priced car that’s pretty good to drive although the range-topping Laureate Prime can be had for £15,000.

5. SEAT Leon

A hatchback offering many of the benefits of its VW Golf stablemate but at around £1,000 less model for model. It’s stylish, practical, good to drive and there are plenty of engine and trim variants.

6. Hyundai i30

Another hatchback, this Korean offering is set up more for comfort than sharp handling and – like the SEAT above – is a cheaper proposition than the VW Golf. There’s also a handy five year warranty.

7. Kia Cee’d

Very similar to the i30 above, it shares many parts with its sister Hyundai and offers an even longer, seven year warranty. Depreciation may be an issue compared to European rivals.

8. Ford Focus

The hugely popular Ford offers practicality, driver appeal and competitive running costs in a roomy package.

Make sure you get a good discount or buy a nearly-new one to beat depreciation.

9. Ford Fiesta

If space needs aren’t too big or the children are still small, then Ford’s mega selling supermini might be just the ticket. It’s practical in five-door form, spacious and great to drive.

Running costs are competitive – the 1.0 litre Econetic petrol engine especially is a lively and economical option – and depreciation is reasonable, but make sure you get a decent discount if buying new.

If you’ve a teen learning to drive, the Fiesta is actually an ideal car, being easy to drive with no quirks so, as a parent, it’s the ideal car to take your child in for some lessons.

10.  Citroën C4 Cactus

Its looks might not suit everyone but it certainly offers a funky and unique take on the family transport question. It’s a chance to own something rather different, and in true Citroën style is comfortable and refined.

Despite its boutique styling and quirkiness, the C4 Cactus is highly practical and well-priced starting at £13,000.


The family car segment certainly offers more than the bog standard saloons and estates of yesteryear, and it’s easily possible to drive an interesting car at a decent price.

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