Is Driving Now A Necessity As A Parent?

In 2015 our lives are very different to what they were when the last generation were becoming parents and taking on all of the related endeavours that come with it. Even five years ago seems like a lifetime when you look at how some of the technology has changed and affected how we live our day to day lives.

Nowadays we are not as insular and locally rooted. Schools, shops, family, parties and a whole host of other things used to be just on the doorstep. Everything was walking distance, but nowadays it’s spread out much further afield. Kids would play in the street, now we take them to fancy playgyms and parks. You can still survive without being on the road, but it’s getting increasingly harder.

The likelihood is, unless you, your partner or a very close relative has means of transport, you’ll find yourself stuck quite a lot of the time. Even in a single car household there’s the arguments and debates over who needs it the most, and the stranded feeling when you’re left without. It’s hard to rely on public transport with a pram or small children in tow, so reasonably you’ll have to try and get roadworthy.

Of course money and time is an issue in these circumstances, but when you can do all your theory practice online when the kids are in bed, and take them along with you on lessons or practice runs, it is certainly doable. The short term hassle would be made up a thousand times over when you’ve got that freedom and versatility a vehicle brings.

Funding the car is the next thing, but you can pick up some great, safe used cars without breaking the bank too much these days. Even buying new has options that might not be too far out of your reach, and will give you the comfort of knowing you’re in good hands.

I guess the answer is, at the moment, driving is not a necessity, obviously not like a roof over your head and food on the table, but we’re reaching a point where it becomes hard to lead life in a modern society without it. Now just imagine that freedom, the drive to the lake to take in the beauty and walk the kids around. Just try and drown out the incessant chants of “are we there yet?” and it’ll be just perfect.

The good old family drive, via MacroMint on Flickr

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