Luxury cars bought during mid-life crisis

We all enjoy celebrating milestones in our lives, such as being able to drink our first legal beer, our 21st birthday, getting that promotion we worked so hard for and finally reaching retirement age, but the dreaded midlife crisis is one such landmark that we could all do without.

Statistically, men are most likely to go through a midlife crisis when they hit 42 and it can last for anything between three and 10 years. Rather than being looked at as a sign of depression, many claim that the modern way to view a midlife crisis is to treat it like a transitional period and not fear it creeping up on you, as there are lots of signs that a midlife crisis is about to rear its ugly head! Nowadays, looking up ex-partners on Facebook despite being married with 2.4 children is a common tell-tale sign, along with sleep problems, hair thinning and of course, the obligatory investment in a luxury sports car.

While some take up a new hobby, create a direct debit for a monthly charity donation and flirt with people 20 years their junior, others will be happy to splash the cash on a car that their boyhood dreams were made of.

Let’s check out the top five cars that men going through a midlife crisis simply cannot resist:

Audi: Audis are synonymous with speed and luxury, making them popular with men in their 40s wanting to reclaim their younger days. The TT is a great model as it allows you to explain to the wife that you bought it because it was the economical choice. The A5 Cabriolet is another good model for men in their 40s as it makes it easy to turn up to meetings looking charmingly tousled and tanned.

BMW: There’s no better car to enjoy a midlife crisis in than a BMW. The X6 exudes class and power, along with the M235i and the BMW 6 Series. BMWs are always luxurious and appeal to men of all ages, and with its fat tyres and beefy man-engine, the X6 also resembles a Batmobile making it more than a little tempting to men determined to get their youth back.

Porsche: From the Cayman and the 911 to the Boxster, a Porsche is the ideal car for anyone going through a midlife crisis. It represents a typical sports car in all its glory with its high speeds, seamless handling and beautiful curves – what more could a man want? And what’s even better is that you can invest in a classic from the 60s or a modern model and you will be just as safe and look just as awesome behind the wheel.

Range Rover: If it’s a manly car you want, then a Range Rover it is! The Evoque is stylish yet masculine, and as an added bonus: your wife will be more than happy to drive it as well. Its virile persona makes it popular with men in a midlife crisis, and the Range Rover L405 is also a great choice as its sleek design makes it easy to pack the golf clubs in the back and head to the greens.

Lotus: If you are determined to catch people’s eye on the road, then a Lotus Elise is the way to go. This example of raw, macho-ness is ideal for men rocking the middle-aged salt n’ pepper hairdo, while the Exige is another great car from Lotus. Despite its intense power kicks, it handles perfectly and is sure to put a smile on your face as you attempt to reclaim your youth.

Using the internet to find a luxury sports car to help you to feel better about yourself during your midlife transition is the easiest and fastest way to find a good deal. After working hard for half of your life, there has to come a time when you should reward yourself and what better time than when you need cheering up?

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