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Body image affects kids as young as five

Findings from a public inquiry suggest that children as young as five are affected by negative body image issues. Continue reading


Kids physical activity may be ‘encouraged’ by friends

New research suggests that kids who are friends with active children may become more active themselves Continue reading

Authorities keeping more children safe through quicker action

Authorities keeping more children safe through quicker action

New figures released by CAFCASS claim that local authorities are faster acting to keep vulnerable children safe Continue reading


Raise childcare ratios, says MP

A new report by Elizabeth Truss suggest UK childcare ratios should be based on European models, and increased ratios. Continue reading

Crazy baby gadgets - robot babysitter

Crazy baby gadgets – robotic babysitter

The forth item in our crazy baby gadgets series is this babysitting robot for shopaholic parents. Continue reading


New mobile gives parental control of content

A new mobile phoned giving parents total control of content has been developed Continue reading


Prime Minister launches free parenting classes

Government plans to support families need 'buy in' from all to normalise parenting classes. Continue reading

One in three British children cannot swim

One in three children cannot swim

New research shows that one in three English children cannot swim by the time they leave primary school. Continue reading

Special needs education to be given shake up

Special needs education to be given shake up

Parents put in charge of a personal care budget for their children with special needs. Continue reading

Benefits of a nanny

The benefits of a good nanny

How a good nanny can benefit your child and your family. Continue reading