Win £100 Bob the Builder Toys

Win £100 of Bob the Builder toys for your budding builder!

Win Bob the Builder Toys £100

We have teamed up with McComish Property Services to offer one lucky winner a bumper pack of Bob the Builder toys, worth £100. Just like Bob the Builder, McComish is here to help!

All trades emergency builder

We all know how disruptive it is for families when thing go wrong with the house. Havoc caused by burst pipes, faulty boilers, broken gutters and flooding is tripled when you add children and Christmas into the mix!

McComish is here to help!

McComish Roofing RepairAs well as building maintenance and renovations we provide an emergency repair service to families across Scotland. Managing your insurance claims goes hand in hand with the repair. We get the job done right – with minimal disruption to your family.

We are can work round the school run, making sure our plumbers and electricians work to your schedule.

Our motto is here to help and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Mindful Mum to offer this great competition for budding builders. We’d love to know what else we can do to make things easier for you and your family when you need a building repair.

The Prize

One lucky winner will receive this bumper pack of Bob the Builder toys:

  • Bob the Builder Here to Help DVD
  • Rubble Construction Truck Playset
  • Bob’s Deluxe Construction Tower
  • Tool Belt Set
  • Scoop Vehicle
  • Transforming Workbench (turns into tool kit)
  • Bob and Pilchard Figures
  • Bob the Builder Helmet with sound

To surprise your little one with these Bob the Builder toys, simply answer the following questions to win £100 bumper pack of Bob the Builder toys.

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The Competition will be open from 13/12/2012 until 11.59PM on 13/01/13.

Comments for 'Win £100 Bob the Builder Toys'

72 Responses to Win £100 Bob the Builder Toys

  1. Ali McHugh says:

    Call me an hour before the plumber turns up

  2. Just good communication, sticking to appointment times or calling if they are running late.

  3. nikki lane says:

    Keeping me informed at all times, over parts needed, cost etc. xx

  4. Natasha Corder says:

    We are having a plumbing nightmare right now so just a plumber that knows what he is doing and doesn’t cost the earth would be fab! Wish i’d called Bob…..

  5. Vakhida says:

    reliable and trusted tradesmen x

  6. Someone who turns up when they say they will & don’t add extra to the bill that you didn’t know about!

  7. Wila says:

    Just knowing the person doing the job had a clue about what he was doing!

  8. Rachael Mounteney says:

    out of hours or after 5pm and explanations as they go along as to what they are doing

  9. kim plant says:

    turns up on the actuall day they say they will x

  10. someone who know the job without the umming this is gonna cost you lol

  11. Ness says:

    knowing I could trust them & not be ripped off cos I’m female!

  12. Natalie Gower says:

    To be able to do it myself . . . if not a trustworthy and reliable person

  13. bichon says:

    I’d like to have all plumbers/builders to actually clear up any mess they made

  14. Rachael Marsden says:

    To have the price upfront and correct

  15. Knowing that they are reliable ,trustworthy and not going to rip you off

  16. Tracy Nixon says:

    An honest and professional tradesman who wouldn’t ‘rip-off’ a single mum!

  17. olivia kirby says:

    quick quote, not a rip off.

  18. I’ve got so much need doing – I could do with Bob the Builder!

  19. Sheelagh says:

    One who gives you a quote, sticks to it and only takes money as and when they need more materials so you know they have to finish the job.

  20. claner says:

    Someone who turns up when they say they will

  21. Jo Boyd says:

    Someone who turned up when they said they would, did what they said they would and charged what they said they would (Me? Been stung? Never!!! lol)

  22. Vera Pope says:

    a recommendation from other people who used their services

  23. Kerry Brown says:

    someone that knows what they are doing! not having to call someone or come back another day :(

  24. Debs says:

    Not getting ripped off and getting a good job done

  25. Edward Kats says:

    A reliable and competent tradesperson,who can give a fixed qotation (not an estimate which they can bump up after the work is done ) and who will finish the job before getting paid for it !

  26. Someone who is reliable and trustworthy and reasonably priced.

  27. christine shelley says:

    A man whi knows what hes doing!

  28. Andrea MacLeod says:

    This would be great for my kids!

  29. Fully qualified to do the job.

  30. Amanda says:

    Someone who can do it at short notice at reasonable price

  31. Barrie Phillips says:

    A reliable plumber or builder would be good

  32. foz says:

    someone reliable and prompt

  33. Emily Hamilton says:

    It’s nice when they respect your house, eg. taking shoes off/putting down dustsheets so they don’t leave muddy footprints everywhere

  34. paula burnside says:

    Having an up front price list for common jobs so you know how much the job will cost you.

  35. Megan says:


  36. Jan Jelley says:

    you know you can trust them

  37. Mse Laura says:

    someone who turns up when they say they will

  38. Leanne Timmins says:

    Being updated properly an someone trustworthy

  39. Katie Coup says:

    having someone i could trust to help out

  40. Alice Matthews says:

    Someone who clearly explained what needs doing, why and the cost.

  41. Zoe Corkhill says:

    Someone who turns up when they say they will, and gets back to you with quotes when they promise to!

  42. Joanne McGonagle says:

    Someone that is fully qualified and has the appropriate certification to prove it and they can explain what they need to do and why.

  43. kiki says:

    Someone who can explain how much and why.

  44. knowing someone was reliable and trustworthy and that they weren’t going to rip me off!

  45. nicola heap says:

    someone who turns up on the day and time they say

  46. Jamielee Norris says:

    someone who is completely honest and tells you what needs to be done and the exact price

  47. Helen Dickinson says:

    Someone who does not over price a job and turns up when they say! :) Merry Xmas!

  48. Laura Halls says:

    for the repairmen to actually know what theyre doing first time would be great fab comp thankyou for the oppertunity x

  49. Carolin says:

    Someone you can trust about actual damage and pricing.

  50. Ceril Roberts says:

    Having someone who is registered so that you know they are doing a good job but also don’t want someone who is going to take advantage

  51. Alison Joyce says:

    Someone who gives a clear price and timeline at the start of the job which they stick to.

  52. JuneMLord says:

    Just having someone who is is good at their trade, reliable, isn’t going to rip you off !

  53. Someone who turns up on time and even on the day they say they will ,there is nothing worse than waiting for someone who doesn’t come.

  54. anna says:

    knowing it is someone trustworthy

  55. Someone who comes recommended by a family member or friend!

  56. CJ says:

    Easy to source locally and not cost a fortune.

  57. kerry locke says:

    Proper communication about the Job – just because I am a woman – does NOT mean I don’t understand what you are talking about!!!

  58. suzanne says:

    some one who Is highly recommended

  59. jamesmum says:

    Reliable and trustworthy. x

  60. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    A proper written quote and someone that can do it quickly.

  61. someone who can come visit, give you a price for fixing and date that it can be done, no faffing around!

  62. To be able to spread out payments for expensive work. x

  63. Keep to the quote and arrive when you say you will

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