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Study finds drop in average sperm count

A new research study has found that sperm health has declined over the past 17 years Continue reading

Sperm quality linked to antioxidants

Sperm quality linked to antioxidants

New research suggests that middle aged and older men who eat a diet packed with anti-oxidants have better sperm quality than men who do not consume so much. Continue reading


Autism linked with older dads

A landmark study has suggested that there may be a link between autism and older father's with a change in genetic mutations being thought to be the reason Continue reading


Walnuts increase sperm health

A new study has suggested that eating two handfuls of walnuts per day may increase sperm health. Continue reading

Older dads linked to healthier children

Older dads make healthier children, says study

New research has suggested that there may be health benefits associated with older dads and grandads. Continue reading

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Heated car seats harm fertility

Heated car seats could be damaging sperm production. Continue reading

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Can your laptop harm fertility?

Does using a laptop harm male fertility? Continue reading

Dad to be? Get healthy with nutrition for healthy sperm.

How to improve sperm quality

Want to get pregnant? Diet can improve sperm health dramatically. Continue reading

How can I improve my chances of becoming a father?

How can I improve my chances of becoming a father?

Stay relaxed, swap the bath for a shower, wear boxers, quit smoking and have lots of sex. Continue reading