Alice Baillie Feature Writer

Alice Baillie, originally from several beautiful places in the UK including Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire, is currently living in Reading, Berkshire with her fiancé, pregnancy bump and her son. With a very colourful life behind her during her short 26 years on this earth, she has been in many challenging situations and has come out the other side with a smile and an understanding of how life can change in the blink of an eye.

Alice became Mummy to her son, who has Down Syndrome, at just 16. He has brought with him several hurdles, in which they jumped over together with a smile on their faces. A survivor of Post Natal Depression and years of being a single teenage parent, she now has a fantastic insight into life and the hurdles it can bring.

With a wedding to plan, a new baby on the way and her son growing up fast she writes honestly on her blog, My Life, My Son, My Way about her life, to allow insight into her incredible story and the challenges they go through. Her main aim is to create support for any other family going through a similar situation or for people to gain understanding of family life with a child with Down Syndrome and for her to document her life so that memories can’t be forgotten.

Alice believes that in order to fully understand a person you need to spend a day in their shoes, until then who are you to judge.

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