Amy Shawcross Feature Writer

Amy Shawcross is first and foremost a mum of one to Harry, now a very active three and a half year old! In 2009, Amy launched her own baby food business, Harry’s Choice which offers busy parents an alternative to the mass produced baby meals found in supermarkets. Harry’s Choice provides nutritious, home-cooked meals for babies and toddlers across Norfolk and uses locally sourced, organic ingredients.

She is a Psychology Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire and in 2003, went on to qualify as a Primary School Teacher from the University of East Anglia. During her 4 years teaching, Amy specialised in PE and enjoyed motivating her children to be active. She particularly loved running her fitness and dance clubs after school!

Amy is extremely passionate about providing children with the best start in life and feels that a healthy and varied diet is at the heart of this. She believes that the eating habits we provide our children with during these early years will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Therefore it is vital to nourish their development with wonderfully comforting, home cooked food.

Amy also has a strong interest in Steiner education and has recently taken over running a Nappuccino group in Norwich.

For more information about Amy see Harry’s Choice.


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