Angie Coates Expert

Music teacher and entrepreneur.

Angie Coates has a number of years of experience both in teaching older children and preschool children music to help with development.

Biography [ click me ]

A Guildhall School of Music and Drama graduate, Angie Coates, started her professional life as a concert oboist, but it was her experience of teaching music at a leading London prep school that convinced her of the importance, influence and impact music has in children’s lives.

In 1992 following the birth of her first child, Millie, Angie looked around for music sessions she could share with her daughter. She wanted Millie to benefit from music in the way her pupils at school were doing, but there was nothing suitable. And so Monkey Music was born. Angie left her job as Head of Music to set up Monkey Music to introduce parents and pre-school aged children to the joys and benefits of music.

With a gift for teaching, Angie understands the crucial role that regular music sessions play in nurturing a child’s social and emotional development, innate musicality and wider educational development.

Monkey Music

Since its creation in 1993, Monkey Music’s weekly classes have become synonymous with the delivery of high quality musical education for babies and toddlers, success and demand led to the company being franchised in 1998 and as one of Britain’s most lauded franchise companies, it has also nurtured the business and teaching careers of hundreds of women across the country.

Today over 10,000 families visit Monkey Music every week in more than 300 venues across the UK. With 140 talented teachers delivering the progressive curricula, Monkey Music is regarded as a ‘cult hit’ amongst its many fans.

Angie’s pioneering curriculum and teaching style have become the template and standard for pre-school music education across the UK.

Qualifications [ click me ]

  • Graduate of The Guildhall School Of Music And Drama
  • Many high level musical qualifications from a performing musical career.

Experience [ click me ]

Years of hands on experience with many diverse groups of people that makes working in education and the music business a great place to be!

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