Charlotte Stirling-Reed Expert

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist. She has a first-class honours degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and an MSc from Bristol University in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health.

As a community nutritionist in London, Charlotte works with mums and their children on a daily basis. She understands the challenges Mums face at meal times. Her insight and experience in paediatric nutrition includes: fussy eating, meal time behaviours, childhood obesity and helping children to achieve a balanced diet.

Charlotte also works with clients on a one-to-one basis through her consultancy, SR Nutrition.

Charlotte has written on nutrition for local papers and health magazines such as Go Healthy and Woman’s Fitness.

Biography [ click me ]

Maintaining professional development is very important to Charlotte. She regularly attends conferences, courses and training to keep up to date with the current science behind nutrition. Recent training includes behaviour change, a critical skill in helping people to improve eating behaviour and adapt their dietary behaviours.

Charlotte’s experience in child nutrition includes researching and working with school nutrition and the guidelines around the new school meals. She has expert knowledge in the area of healthy eating for weight loss and she works on a one to one basis with overweight and obese children, adults and families, to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

As a nutritionist, Charlotte understand that life creates many barriers to consuming a healthy diet and sometimes we all need a helping hand to try and decipher the correct information from the diet myths that are out there.

Charlotte’s favourite quote;

“We do not eat nutrients. We eat food” (Barasi, M.E. 2003) Charlotte says I truly believe that people’s health and lifestyles could often be improved easily by making small, sustainable changes to their dietary intakes and food behaviours.

Qualifications [ click me ]

  • 2008 BSc Hons (First Class) in Nutrition and Human Biology, Oxford Brookes University.
  • MSc (Merit) Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health, Bristol University
  • Associate Nutritionist Registration with the Nutritionist Society: Registration Number- 3287

Experience [ click me ]

Community Nutritionist for the NHS
2010 – Present

Running workshops, one-to-one consultations, education sessions, training days as well as leading on a “Healthy Lifestyles Pilot” helping families with overweight children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Planning and implementing workshops, one-to-one sessions, healthy cookery courses and training for parents, health visitors and other professionals on varying topics relating to children, toddlers and babies.

June 2010 – Current
SR Nutrition

Working as a freelance nutritionist writing articles and documentation for Health Care Professionals. Clients include Red magazine, Women’s Fitness, Nutrilicious Communications and private clientele.

Sep 2009 – Dec 2010
Aston Mansfield Charity

Running a project aimed at helping after school clubs to meet a high standard of nutrition. Developing resources and running workshops, cooking sessions and one-to-one sessions in schools for parents and children from 5-16 years.

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