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Lisa coaches on all fertility challenges and family-building goals from her London-based practice; also accessible to clients internationally by telephone. She is the London Correspondent for the American Fertility Association and a frequent guest on London radio station Hayes FM, speaking on pregnancy and fertility issues in the news.

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Biography [ click me ]

Lisa Marsh had a romantic and relaxed view of love, marriage and motherhood when she began trying to conceive a year after her wedding in 1996.  When she lost her first pregnancy to miscarriage, it was the beginning of a 7-year period of trials and tribulations as she and her husband experienced recurrent miscarriage, secondary infertility, IVF and the natural conception and birth of their two children. Lisa’s experience as a life coach and miscarriage support volunteer led her to advocate fertility health awareness, developing a specialty in fertility coaching and blogging as Your Great Life.

“When people hear the word fertility, they automatically think of conception and pregnancy. However, if you think about the onset of puberty and menstruation starting from about age 10, to menopause in your late 40’s or early 50’s, your fertile period encompasses approximately 40 years. Fertility affects women in countless ways, including health, body image, self-esteem, how we feel about our femininity and sexuality, our relationships, our social lives and our plans for creating a family.”

Lisa believes that “quality support is essential in our lives, whether from professional or personal sources, now more than ever. Women have complex, multi-faceted lives and can understandably feel depleted at times, physically, mentally and/or emotionally. Ultimately, you want to have a baby and to be a mother, but life has to be lived in the meantime, so my aim is to get you there in as balanced and efficiently a way as possible. We are after creating a full and rich life for you on your path to becoming, and in being, a mother, with greater self-awareness and self-belief, better decision-making skills and healthier relationships.”

Qualifications [ click me ]

  • BTEC Level 2 and 3 Certificates in Life Coaching, Newcastle College, Newcastle, UK
  • Royal Society of Art Diploma, Art History, Christie’s Education, London, UK
  • Juris Doctor in Law, Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Experience [ click me ]

Life Coach
Your Great Life
2008 – Present

A niche life coach practice, specialising in women’s health, fertility and family-building. Working with multiple clients to achieve their fertility goals, named London Correspondent of American Fertility Association blog, writer for online and print media, regular radio guest on women’s health and guest blogger for fertility blog

The Miscarriage Association
2007 – Present

A UK registered charity offering support to anyone suffering as the result of pregnancy loss. Responsibilities include: Helpline Volunteer, Leader of other Out-of-Hours Volunteers, and Coordinator of local Miscarriage Support Group. Key achievements include: Founding the North London Miscarriage Support Group, obtaining sponsorship from Spire Healthcare, Liaising with staff at ante-natal units in area hospitals and providing an empathetic source of support for women and couples who have experienced miscarriage, enabling them to heal and move forward.

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