5 things I have to buy

We asked eco-conscious mum and blogger, Zoe Morrison, which luxuries break her resolve and sneak into her shopping basket?

5 things I have to buy - No 1 Chocolate

I write a blog about eco-conscious thrifty living and I am on a mission to cut spending in all areas of my life, whilst still taking the environment into consideration. There are some luxuries though that I am not prepared to give up and I will spend good money on them on occasion. These include:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Massages
  3. Theatre/ Comedy Club tickets
  4. Hypnotherapy CD’s
  5. Cook books (although I often look recipes up online as well)

Reading through the list you may agree with me that some are an absolute necessity, not really a luxury e.g. chocolate and massages, however you may wonder why I love hypnotherapy CD’s. I first tried them when I was pregnant and found them so wonderfully relaxing and reassuring during that time, that I didn’t want to give them up when the pregnancy was over.

Going to the theatre or to see comedy is a rare treat for me, but definitely worth paying the money for if the show is good enough! Although I will take cook books out the library, sometimes I just need my own copy – especially because I like adapting the recipes and start scribbling all over the pages.

Which 5 things do you have to buy – are any of them on the list above?

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree with choc. I ditched re-useable nappies to bio-degradeable nappies when the twins came along.

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