An express bikini body workout

As a working Mum, I know how hard it can be to fit in a regular fitness routine into your daily schedule. However with more and more theories and research coming out to Suggest that shorter but higher intensity workouts have more impact on physical well being, there really are no excuses!

Bikini body workout

I have designed this routine to fit in to your daily lifestyle and whether you do it at home, Office or away it really doesn’t matter. My express bikini workout plan combines all elements of physical wellbeing and with just A few straight forward functional exercises, works your body to burn calories, improve Cardiovascular fitness and target the core stabiliser muscles which not only strengthen the core but improve posture too.

The plan has 5 exercises each lasting 1-2 minutes and I recommend doing the full circuit 2-3 times depending on your current level of fitness.

Follow this easy to follow routine below and enjoy a short but intense routine!

  • Not suitable for pre-natal women or mums who are less than five months post natal.
  • Ensure you stay well hydrated throughout your workout.

Express Bikini circuit routine – Station 1

Lunge with Front Kick & Jab – Working the upper & lower body and core muscles. Duration – 1 minute each side

  1. Bikini body workoutThe first exercise of the circuit starts in a standard lunge position. Left leg leads, whilst the right arm jabs forward. Posture should be neutral and upright with the abs ‘engaged’.
  2. Bikini body workoutPart 2 of the movement we push up through the heel of the left, lunging leg and start to switch the leg and arm position. When pushing up through the lunge make sure the effort all comes through the heel to properly work the glutes and thighs.
  3. Bikini body workout Part 3 of the movement is the drive forward of the kick, ensuring that the kick is lead by the heel of the foot. By this point the arms have completely switched so we are now jabbing with the left arm. This is where the core stability really comes into play!

Express Bikini Workout – Station 2

Press ups – Full or Modified (Choose depending on level). Duration – 1 minute

Bikini body workoutBikini body workout

The harder of the two exercise station options and definitely a challenging overall upper body, chest, back and core workout. Aim to do as many as possible with good technique in 1 min.

Bikini body workoutBikini body workout


The modified version of the above but by no means easy! Still works all the same muscles but allows for progression and provides more support to lower back due to body weight being more evenly distributed.

Express Bikini Workout – Station 3

Boxing cardio mix – Duration – 1 minute

Bikini body workoutBikini body workoutBikini body workout

Bikini body workoutBikini body workout

Don’t worry about any set pattern, just aim to keep ‘jabbing, ‘hooking’ and ‘uppercutting’ for 1 min doing about 10 reps in each set/style. Works the upper body and a great heart rate raiser and calorie burner!

Express Bikini Workout – Station 4

Upright rows with resistance band – Upper body/shoulder/traps sculptor. Duration – 1 minute.
* If you don’t have a band you can use two cans of beans or two small dumbbells.

  1. Start by standing in an upright, neutral posture, knees’ soft’. Resistance band should be positioned under the feet holding the ends of band in hands.
  2. Keeping the palms of your hands facing into your body, slowly pull the band upwards toward your shoulders allowing the elbows to bend naturally to shoulder level. Slowly return to start position.

Bikini body workoutBikini body workout

Express Bikini Workout – Station 5

Press-up to Plank – Calorie burning, upper body and complete core workout. Duration – 1 minute

  1. Bikini body workoutPosition 1, we start off in a full press-up position, abs should be ‘engaged’.
  2. Bikini body workoutPosition 2, Change from being on hands to coming down onto forearms as in a standard plank.
  3. Bikini body workoutPosition 3, Standard plank posture, keeping shoulders and hips in line and abs engaged throughout. Press-up again to start position alternating sides with each repetition.

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  1. Fab workout for getting bikini fit! I know the plank is the answer ;-) Thanks Wendy @wamfitness:twitter 

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