Exercise of the week – Supermum!

Wendy’s exercise of the week is the ‘supermum’. Perfect for strengthening core muscles in the post natal period.

Supermum exercise by Wendy MacLeod

Super Mums

I’ve previously highlighted the benefits of these exercises as they really do have great results for posture and getting back those stabiliser muscles of the core, in the post natal period and beyond.
Suitable for…
Everyone, unless you have a specific health problem/injury. Good for early post natal women 6-12 weeks and beyond to maintain good posture and core strength.

Muscles worked:
Core/abdominals/Upper back

How to do it

Start position:

Kneel on the floor/ground with your hands shoulder width apart.

Wendy MacLeod Supermum Exercise Demonstration 1


Holding your abdominals in nice and tight, slowly extend your right arm and left leg until both are straight, hold for the count of 2 and change sides. Do 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps each side.

Supermum exercise by Wendy MacLeod

Tips for good technique:

  • Avoid ‘tipping’ your hips from side to side as you alternate between each side, ensuring you hold them square to floor.
  • Make sure you do perform the exercise slowly, pausing for 2 counts at the top part of movement.

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