Wendy Macleod’s summer fitness workout

Try this safe but challenging, time effective, interval training style routine to help give your fitness a pre-Summer boost and help you lose those last few pregnancy pounds in time for those perfect summer outfits. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the full workout and instructions from Wendy.

Summer fitness countdown

Due to the style of these exercises and layout of the plan, your metabolism will see a boost and will teach your body to burn calories more effectively even when at rest.
Stick within the recommended guidelines for the first couple of weeks and build up timings and amount of circuits, as and when you feel able to.
Always begin any routine with a 5-10 minute warm up involving mild to moderate cardiovascular activity.

  1. Side lunges or wide stance squats – 45 secs -1 min
  2. Tricep dips on flat feet (easy) or heels (hard) – 30 secs
  3. Thrusts (do legs half way to make easier) – 45secs-1 min
  4. Walking press-ups or modified press-ups (on knees)- 30 secs
  5. Lunges with arms over head or Jumping Lunges (like lunges but jumping up and switch legs) – 30 -45 secs
  6. Plank. For a tougher option, start as above but push your body weight forward through shoulders and back through heels for around 10-15 counts.
    – 45 secs-1min
  7. 5 minute warm down and stretch as in other articles – all areas.

Beginner: 2-3 months post natal – Repeat circuit x 2
Intermediate: 3-6 months post natal – Repeat circuit x 3
Advanced: 6 months + Post natal – Repeat circuit x 3-4

Wendy’s Tip: Keep yourself well hydrated and rest by walking for 10-15 seconds between each circuit round.
*Not suitable for pre-natal women

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