Wendy Macleod’s summer fitness workout

Summer fitness countdown Due to the style of these exercises and layout of the plan, your

Mummy branding and pressure to get back in shape

Resist the mummy branding and regain your strength and fitness at a pace that suits you not the newspapers! Continue reading

Supermum exercise by Wendy MacLeod

Exercise of the week – Supermum!

Supermum exercise of the week for post natal mums! Continue reading

Always on the run

One of the biggest challenges of being a working mum, whether inside or outside of the home, is finding time for personal wellness and exercise. Feature writer Sara shares her tips for getting back into exercise after having a baby. Continue reading

Exercise of the week: The Clam

Exercise of the week – The Clam

The first in our exercise of the week series from fitness expert, Wendy MacLeod. Continue reading

Learning to swim for babies and toddlers

How to get your little one swimming

The ASA shares some hints and tips on how to get your little ones starting in swimming. Continue reading

Is Britain competing for the laziest country title?

Is Britain competing for the laziest country title?

Fitness expert, Wendy MacLeod, asks if Britain is doing enough to keep our kids fit and healthy. Continue reading

how to learn pre/postnatal yoga online

How to learn pre/postnatal yoga online

Yoga can be done from the comfort of your own home thanks to online yoga classes. Continue reading

Bikini body workout

An express bikini body workout

An easy to follow workout to get you in shape for summer. Continue reading

Unchained Magazine: by a cycling family for cycling families

Unchained magazine: by a cycling family, for cycling families

Michelle and Fraser Jeffcott created a new cycling magazine aimed at families and communities. Continue reading