Meal ideas

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If you need some inspiration to help you cook tasty and healthy food for your kids, try these meal ideas.


  • Porridge or unsweetened cereal mixed with whole cows’ milk or your baby’s usual milk with mashed ripe pear.
  • Wholewheat biscuit cereal with milk and stewed fruit.
  • Toast fingers with mashed banana.
  • Toast fingers with boiled egg and slices of ripe peach.
  • Stewed apple, yoghurt and unsweetened breakfast cereal.

Lunch or tea

  • Cauliflower cheese with cooked pasta pieces.
  • Plain fromage frais with stewed apple.
  • Small pieces of soft ripe peeled pear or peach.
  • Mashed pasta with broccoli and cheese.
  • Baked beans (reduced salt and sugar) with toast.
  • Stewed fruit and custard.
  • Scrambled egg with toast, chapatti or pitta bread.
  • Cottage cheese dip with pitta bread and cucumber and carrot sticks.


  • Mashed sweet potato with mashed chickpeas and cauliflower.
  • Shepherd’s pie with green vegetables.
  • Rice and mashed peas with courgette sticks.
  • Mashed cooked lentils with rice.
  • Minced chicken and vegetable casserole with mashed potato.
  • Mashed canned salmon with couscous and peas.
  • Fish poached in milk with potato, broccoli and carrot.

Fruits and vegetables

Try these ways of increasing your child’s intake of fruits and vegetables:

  • Put their favourite vegetables or canned pineapple on top of pizza.
  • Give carrot sticks, slices of pepper and peeled apple for snacks.
  • Mix chopped or mashed vegetables with rice, mashed potatoes, meat sauces or dhal.
  • Mix fruit (fresh, canned or stewed) with yoghurt or fromage frais for a tasty dessert.
  • Chop prunes or dried apricots into cereal or yoghurt, or add them┬áto a stew.


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Published Date 2010-12-15

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