Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Known as India’s best known chef, Sanjeev Kapoor is not just a Chef. He’s sold upwards of 10million copies of his 140 cook books, has his own 24 hour cooking TV channel, is a restaurant consultant and has won several culinary awards.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor recipes for Mindful Mum

A man with a firm belief in the saying, ‘a man with dream will not be denied’, Chef Kapoor has single handedly revolutionised Indian Cuisine. CNN named Chef Kapoor as one of five top chefs in the world alongside Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Wolfgang Puck.

Sanjeev, now 46, first found fame when he was a successful hotel chef in Mumbai. He was asked to host a cooking show on a popular TV channel. Chef Kapoor never looked back from there. His growing popularity as a chef was clear to see.

Now, with an impressive number of cook books under his belt, his own 24 hour cooking channel dedicated to his recipes and celebrating Indian cuisine and a website that gets two million visitors a day, Chef Kapoor shares his recipes with Mindful Mum.

As a father, Sanjeev knows the importance of feeding children a rich and varied diet and the dietry needs of a pregnant woman. Below he answers our questions with his recipes.

We asked him:

1. As pregnancy can be energy zapping and leave mum feeling exhausted, can you suggest energy boosting recipes to keep pregnant ladies energised?

Chef Kapoor recommends these energy boosting recipes:

Strawberry and Soya ShakeChef Sanjeev Kapoor - Strawberry orange soya milkshake

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Green pea and carrot daliaGreen Pea and Carrot Dalia


2. In the UK, pregnant women who are past their due date and eager to meet baby are advised to eat hot curries as they can naturally induce labour. Can you suggest a curry recipe for vegetarian women to help bring on labour? And a non vegetarian recipe?

Tasty non vegetarian curries:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Hhara masala murghHara Masala Murgh

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Kori ghassiKori Ghassi

Delicious vegetarian curries:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Capsicum kayras - Vegetarian curry to help bring on labour.Capsicum Kayras

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Aloo matar paneer - Vegetarian curry to bring on labourAloo Matar Paneer

3. For mums hoping to expand their child’s taste palate very early on, can you suggest some Indian snacks or meal recipes to suit very young mouths?

Chef Kapoor suggests tempting your little ones with these scrummy snacks:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Paneer Krispies - For KidsPaneer Krispies

Chef Sanjeev Kappor - Sprout n Roll - For KidsSprout n Roll

4. With the weather getting colder by the day, our mums love nothing more than a bowl of warming soup. Can you suggest a recipe for a healthy, hearty soup for the whole family?

Chef Kapoor’s suggestions for family soups:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Souper power - Warm SoupsSouper Power

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor - Badam Ka - Almond soupBadam Ka

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