Mocktails for mums-to-be

Non-alcoholic cocktails for mums-to-be to enjoy this summer.

Top 10 non alcoholic cocktails for pregnancy

Top 10 non alcholic cocktails for pregnant women this summer! Photograph: Victoria Vasilieva

With the promise of warm weather in the coming months, BBQ’s and garden parties are soon going to be in full swing. We all know that sunshine brings cocktails and refreshing drinks and we don’t want to miss out just because we’re pregnant!

There are many non-alcoholic cocktails for expectant mums to enjoy, we’ve listed a few of our favourites for you to enjoy.

  1. Shloer Cosmo
  2. Lilac Lovely
  3. Pina Colada
  4. Fresh Fruit Fizz
  5. Sangria Special
  6. Sparking Pom Collins
  7. Tequiless Sunset
  8. Shirley Temple
  9. Mint Angel
  10. Morning Star

1. Shloer Cosmo

Non Alcholic Coctails for Pregnancy

Shloer Cosmopolitan, image by TheCulinaryGeek

This classy Sex and the City favourite is perfect for both girlie nights in and some summer fun.

  • 75ml Shloer White Grape
  • Raspberry & Cranberry
  • 50ml Shloer Red Grape
  • 25ml fresh orange juice
  • 2 lime wedges

A very easy drink to make, just add all of the ingredients together into a martini glass for a Mummy mocktail with style.

2. Lilac Lovely

A low fat cocktail with a burst of colour and packed with anti-oxidants.

  • 2 Generous tablespoons of low-fat plain yoghurt
  • 150ml grape juice
  • One punnet of fresh blueberries
  • Handful of fresh blackberries

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooths and lilac in colour. Add water or more juice to make this cocktail thinner. After pouring into a glass, garnish with two berries.

3 .Pina Colada

Pina colada, image by TheCulinaryGeek

The perfect drink to cool down mums on a hot and sunny day.

  • 177ml fresh pineapple juice
  • 59ml coconut cream
  • 1 cup of crushed ice

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour into an unusually shaped glass after a good shake. Add crushed ice and a little umbrella – though hopefully you won’t be needing yours!

4. Fresh fruit fizz

A great mocktail for those special occasions.

  • 60ml fresh fruit puree
  • 60ml soda water
  • blueberries

Add soda water to the fruit puree and stir well. Pour into a champagne flute and garnish with blueberries – you’ll be the toast of the party!

5. Sangria Special

Sangria Special, image by TheCulinaryGeek

The ultimate favourite for the holiday season.

  • 300ml clear apple juice
  • 150ml still lemonade
  • Shloer red grape
  • ice cubes
  • orange, lime and apple slices

Pour the apple juice and lemonade into a large jug and stir well. Slowly add the Shloer red grape and stir again. Add plenty of orange, lime and apple slices.

6. Sparking Pom Collins

The non-alcoholic version of the original granddad of all cocktails, Tom Collins.

  • one slice of lime
  • 60ml Slange Var juice (non alcoholic drink)
  • 30ml soda water
  • pomegranate seeds

Add the soda water to the Slange Var lime drink and garnish with pomegranate seeds.

7. Tequiless Sunset

Non Alcoholic Cocktails for Pregnant Women - Tequiless Sunset

Tequiless sunset, image by TheCulinaryGeek

A fruity cocktail great for holidays or sunny spells.

  • Papaya
  • mango
  • lemon
  • six strawberries
  • grenadine
  • 200ml of passion fruit
  • 200ml of peach juice
  • sprig of mint

Peel and dice half a papaya and half a mango, removing all seeds. Dice six strawberries. Combine them with the passion juice and peach juice and blend. Add the juice of one lemon, a little grenadine, ice and blend once more serving with a sprig of mint.

8. Shirley Temple

Add some Hollywood glamour to your party or celebration with this drink. If you don’t like ginger beer, try this with lemonade.

  • 45ml of grenadine
  • 180ml ginger beer
  • ice

Add the grenadine and the ginger beer to a glass with ice and garnish.

9. Mint Angel

Non Alcoholic Cocktails for Moms to be - Mint Angel

Mint Angel, image by TheCulinaryGeek

A refreshing mix of mint and apple.

  • 5-8 fresh mint leaves
  • 300ml Appletiser
  • ice
  • lime

Add the mint leaves to the Appletiser and stir vigorously. Add crushed ice and garnish with lime slice.

10. Morning Star

A fruity drink to satisfy any sweet tooth.

  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 296ml of pineapple juice
  • 3 pineapple chunks
  • mineral water
  • 1 small piece of vanilla stick

Blend all of the ingredients together apart from the vanilla stick. Pour into a glass and garnish with vanilla stick.

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