Oaty berry smoothies

These will go down a treat at summer time. The smoothie mix can be enjoyed as a filling drink, or frozen into healthy lollies that your little ones will love!

Oaty berry smoothies and lollies - a summer-treat!

I have always found that a smoothie is a guaranteed way of getting children who may not be too keen on fruits to eat them. At this time of the year, there are so many fruits available, including all the soft berries that go particularly well with a few spoons of yoghurt, a dash of milk and a squirt of honey.

The great thing is that a smoothie mixture can be frozen to become an instant ice lolly, guaranteed to impress your little ones on a hot sunny day! The only requirement for this is an ice lolly mould. Most supermarkets stock these now along with ice cube trays for mini versions. I pop a couple of cubes into a bowl and let the kids have them as a snack along with a few berries. Healthy and nutritious as well as being delicious!

Oaty berry smoothie

  • Makes 4-6 lollies
  • Prep time: 5 mins
  • Skill level : Easy
  • Equipment : 1 plastc jug, lolly moulds, stick blender or regular blender/food processor.
  • Seasonal fruits you may like to use: Blackberries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, cherries.

1 banana
5 large or 10 small strawberries
½ punnet raspberries
1 tbsp oats
1 or 2 tbsp honey
100 ml milk
6 tbsp natural yoghurt

Chop up the banana and strawberries and place, along with the raspberries, into a plastic jug if using a stick blender. For a regular blender/food processor, place the fruit directly into the machine. Add the oats, honey, milk and yoghurt. Blend until smooth. Serve as a drink or freeze into lollies. I find that the freezing process makes the smoothie mix taste less sweet. This is when I would add the second tbsp. of honey. Works well as a healthy pudding in both drink and lolly form. Don’t serve it with a meal as children will drink this up and then refuse to eat the supper as it’s actually very filling!

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