Pregnancy energy snacks

Pregnancy can be a difficult time when energy and nutrient needs are high and you may be feeling run down or even exhausted! Getting enough rest is really important during pregnancy, so make sure you take time to relax during the day and aim to get yourself a good night’s sleep. To give yourself an extra boost it is important to top up with two or three healthy snacks between meals.

energy boosting snacks

When we hear the word ‘snacks’ we often think of high fat, high sugar foods such as crisps, cakes and biscuits. However these foods contain ‘empty calories’ (plenty of sugar and fat, but no goodness). Instead of opting for these, here are five energy-boosting snacks to help keep you going and give you a good dose of nutrients.

  1. Wholegrain crackers and cheese
  2. Hard boiled eggs
  3. Hummus and vegetable dips
  4. Fresh fruit and yoghurt
  5. Nuts and raisins

Wholegrain crackers and cheese

Crackers are a great, easy food and, as long as you choose wholemeal or oat based ones, are full of energy and fibre. Try to opt of the low-salt varieties. Cheese is a high protein food and contains plenty of calcium for bone health. Remember that cheese is still a high in fat so cut yourself a piece and don’t go back for more!

Hard boiled eggs

Eggs are high in protein, the nutrient essential for growth, but are also an important contribution to vitamin D (found in only a few foods and obtained mostly from sunlight), B vitamins and a variety of important minerals. Have eggs with some toast or on their own as they are conveniently packaged to take outside the home (once cooked!). Avoid adding salt and sauces such as ketchup and certainly avoid frying.

Hummus and vegetable dips

Vegetable sticks and dips are a really quick, convenient snack for when you get hungry. Hummus dips are high in iron, fibre and protein as well as some essential fats. There are some great recipes for homemade hummus so give those a try and control the amount of oil used in preparation.

Fresh Fruit and yoghurt

Fresh fruit has a number of benefits, boosting your vitamin, fibre and water intake. Variety is essential so choose plenty of different colours, tastes and textures and add some plain yoghurt for some added protein and calcium.

Nuts and raisins

Nuts are an energy-dense food, but also provide us with essential fatty acids, plant proteins and fibre. Nuts and raisins are a great snack and really easy and convenient to consume.

These are just some suggestions but remember, which ever healthy snack you choose make sure it is quick, energy-bursting, nutrient-rich and convenient to grab on the go!

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