Baking with kids tips from Twitter

Celebrating National Cupcake Week? Here are our top tips for baking with kids from mums on Twitter!

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Here are the top baking with kids tips from Twitter!

Baking with kids tips from Twitter

Celebrating National Cupcake Week? Here are our best baking with kids tips from Twitter!

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@MindfulMum @thegbmum @mummytravels cheat & buy the cakes from the supermarket!Slummy Mummies
@MindfulMum @SlummyMummies @TheGbMum sounds like my kind of tip – pretty tough to bake when you have a 9wk old who hates being put down!Cathy Winston
@MindfulMum @karrisx @yeswedohaveatv @saragerm @ecothrifty be prepared for lots of mess but it’s worth it for the fun!Mummy’s Space
@MindfulMum Allow your LO freedom to make as much mess as they like – its so much more fun :)Karris
@MindfulMum Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting all over with chocolate buttons pressed in (side on) for hedgehog cupcakes!Louise-Anne Geddes
Shaggy bear cupcakes from Anne Willicombe! @MindfulMumVoice @MindfulMum McHugh
@MindfulMum my n my daughter haveade dairy free ones!using the “yoghurt” pot method!in oven now!yum
@MindfulMum My son always helps me to weigh the ingredients, good for counting too. He also likes to add sprinkles :)The Mummy Diary
@MindfulMum my little cousin baking! Hughes
@MindfulMum @MumoftheMig @knittymummy @Baillie_MyLife cake baking tips – multiple spoons for licking! An extra pinch of patience.Ellen Arnison
@MindfulMum @Ellen27 @MumoftheMig @Baillie_MyLife my tip would be weigh everything beforehand into small bowls (a la Blue Peter)Kath
I need to get back to baking. I miss it. I haven’t baked cupcakes since June. I made cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes Monroe

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