Greggs launch a brand new kid’s range

Food-on-the-go retailer, Greggs, has launched a brand new kid’s range, which contains simple and delicious products such as a ham roll, cheese roll, apple and blackcurrant juice drink and an orange juice drink. 5p from the sale of every item will go to support Greggs UK breakfast clubs.

At first glance it looks perfect for little ones – simple but tasty. But just to make sure, Greggs asked panel of ‘young experts’ to give their verdict on the range, with hilarious results!

As you can see, the ‘young experts’ aren’t afraid to speak their mind. First the panel tucked into a range of high street competitor sandwiches and drinks, including cheese and onion, ham and salad, coronation chicken and beetroot juice. Faced with added extras such as onion, mayonnaise and seeded bread, the panellists provided feedback including “it smells like socks”, “it looks like bugs on the bread” and “I might have to give it to the dog.”

The panel then sampled and gave their honest opinions on Greggs’ new kids’ sandwiches and juices, feeding back that the juice “tastes really nice” and “reminds me of summer”, with the sandwiches tasting “yummy!” and one young sandwich enthusiast even giving it “10/10.”

With any food you haven’t prepared yourself, there’s always the worry of what goes into it. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that all the sandwiches in the range are less than 300 calories and use a milk roll recipe, which is a great way of getting some more calcium in their diet. Both drinks in the range have added vitamins, which are free from added sugar, artificial colours and flavours.

As parents, we all know what it’s like experiencing the frustration of buying lunch or snacks for our little ones, only to find out they have taken an unforeseen disliking to it. At least now we’ve got a widely available, simple and healthy option when hunger pangs.

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