10 good reasons to have a baby

You’re getting broody. The number of babies you see are doubling, trebling and even quadrupling. Is it time to start trying for a baby?

10 reasons to have a baby

Ten great reasons to try for a baby.

New friends

If your social life has been lacking lately then perhaps a baby is for you! The number of new mums in your area will surprise you. From mum and baby yoga classes, to screenings at the cinema just for mums with babies, your new social life will be bustling!

Relive childhood

Having children is a great excuse to get to relive your childhood. Remember saturday mornings lying in your PJ’s on the couch watching cartoons? Well this can be a reality once more with children. Also a great excuse to dig out your old VCR and favourite Disney movies!

Free stuff

The second you mention baby people seem to want to give you everything they own. You’ll be amazed at the amount of baby clothes, maternity clothes, toys, prams, cots you’ll receive that you probably won’t have to buy much at all!

Maternity leave

You’ll feel like you’re on your school holidays once more with this great big chunk of maternity leave. Yes, after the birth you’ll be busy but before it you can do anything! Go shopping in the middle of the day, enjoy pub lunches with your new pregnant friends or even set up your own business like Anna Louise Simpson from Mama Tea did!

Help is out there

The internet is amazing for help when you have a pressing question about your baby. If your baby is suffering from a fever at 4am you can find out possible symptoms and how to help within minutes online.

Photo sharing

The options for sharing photos are now endless thanks to technology. You can easily snap a photo or video of your baby and upload it to an account so your whole family can see it whenever they want. No more trips to town to print photos and post them off to every corner of the country.

The horror stories aren’t true

The stories of endless nights of no sleep and horrific births are highly exaggerated. Don’t let such rubbish put you off having children.

Constant smiles

You’ll receive so many smiles from your little one on a daily basis that your entire day will be brighter.

Spoil them

Having a baby gives you a great excuse to spoil until your hearts content. From clothes to toys, you can buy whatever you want and no one will question you. Pull out a £30 dress for yourself and your husband will start moaning and groaning about saving. Pull out a £30 dress for your baby daughter and he’ll manage an ‘awww’ before helping her into it.

The perfect excuse

Think about it, you sleep in for work. Running into the office you meet your boss, a quick flash of a photo of your baby covered in his breakfast is enough to excuse you for being late. From being late for dinner to avoiding lunch with the in-laws, having a baby provides endless excuses to cover your back. Please note, this only works when your child doesn’t talk. Once they’ve mastered the art of language, your fibs will be ruined by their blunt honesty.

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