10 ways to take care of your pregnant partner

Pregnancy can be baffling for women, never mind men. These top tips of how to take care of your pregnant partner will help guide your man through pregnancy.

  1. Compliment her
  2. Read at least one baby book
  3. Helping with morning sickness
  4. Help her to relax
  5. Learn to make sacrifices
  6. Take her to the doctors
  7. Be patient
  8. Romantic gestures
  9. Ask how you can help
  10. Listen to her

Compliment her

Being pregnant can leave any beautiful woman feeling frumpy, uncomfortable and agitated. A sincere compliment here and there about how lovely her summer dress looks wouldn’t go a miss. Though don’t go overboard – a compliment every hour will look insincere and won’t be appreciated!

Read at least one baby book

The more you know about your partner and what she’s going through, the better! No doubt she’ll have a stack of baby books so there really is no excuse. She’ll watch on, half shocked half in admiration, as you ask to borrow one and go on to read it cover to cover. When she wakes in the night panicked with mild contractions, if you are able to tell her it’s Braxton Hicks and nothing to worry about, she’ll feel safe and protected.

Helping with morning sickness

Put yourself in her shoes, you wake up and are instantly nauseous and hot on your heels to the toilet. The last thing you want to smell is your partner ‘cooking up a storm’ with bacon and eggs wafting through the whole house. Read up about how to help remedy the sickness and be there to rub her back or hold her hair if she so desires!

Help her to relax

After a long day at work, especially carrying the extra weight of a baby, your partner needs to relax. Help her to unwind by running her a nice bath with candles. Learning to give a good foot rub will also put you in the good books.

Learn to make sacrifices

If there is a documentary on about childbirth or even just a chick flick when hormones are getting her down, be more than prepared to switch from your beloved football to let her watch it. What’s more, be prepared to sit and watch it with her however graphic it may be. Or, if your favourite food now makes your partners stomach turn, give it up for a few months or eat it when she’s not in the house. Learn to make sacrifices, it’s not forever!

Take her to the doctors

Find out all the dates of scans, appointments and classes your partner must attend and note them down. Whether it’s in your work diary, or the back of the bathroom door, remember them and be there! It’s not just an appointment for Mum-to-be, it’s for both of you.

Be patient

It’s no big secret that things take a little longer when you’re carrying a baby. Be patient, if your partner is walking a little slower than she used to, live with it! Slow down and enjoy your time together. And yes, being pregnant makes you pee more, if she needs to visit the toilets at the shops AGAIN then she needs to go!

Romantic gestures

Flowers, a hug, a dinner…whatever it is, treat your partner to something nice frequently. Go on, make her day.

Ask how you can help

Men aren’t great at mind-reading at the best of times, never mind at times when your partner is riding an emotional rollercoaster. Don’t guess what she’s feeling or what she wants. Just ask her! If you turn up with chocolate cake when she’s feeling queasy you’ll lose points, trust us.

Listen to her

Listening is a great tool for couples. Find out how she feels and what you might be able to help her with to make her life easier. She may not have much to say but being willing to listen to a moan and offer a hug can make her feel at ease.

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