Twins and triplets funny videos

Last month marked Twins and Triplets Awareness Week and to celebrate multiple births, we’re sharing our favourite videos. From twin talk to playful triplets, here is the best of the rest.

  1. Triplets Laugh at Doorstop
  2. Twins secret language
  3. More Twin Talk
  4. Identical Playmate
  5. Twins Pretend to Bite
  6. Clever Bribing Triplet
  7. Giggling Quadruplets
  8. Bedtime Stories
  9. Twins Hate Song
  10. Triplets up to no Good

Triplets Laugh at Doorstop

Who needs expensive toys with flashing lights and noises when you can have fun with your brothers and a door stop?

Twins Secret Language

If you ever doubted that twins have a secret language that they use to communicate, this will be the video to convince you.

More Twin Talk

Another twin talk video showing the special bond between twins.

Identical Playmate

It must be great fun having a playmate who is exactly the same as you!

Twins Pretend to Bite

Luckily, these twins learned a vital lesson from the ‘Charlie bit me!’ video!

Clever Bribing Triplet

The trouble with triplets is finding a bench to fit all three…this triplet tries to bribe her sister to steal her seat!

Giggling Quadruplets

Quadruplets laugh in unison at their funny Daddy.

Bedtime Stories

Twins enjoying their favourite bedtime story.

Twins Hate Song

These twins have a very specific taste in music.

Triplets up to no Good

When triplets fall silent, it usually means they’re up to no good!

Photography: Dan Bock @Flickr

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