10 reasons to love being a mum of boys

What does a self-confessed girly-girl do when she suspects she is pregnant with a boy? Read 10 reasons why boys are wonderful.

Boys Noise with Dirt Postcard
By Ali McHugh, Mindful Mum, 22 August 2012

I expected to be a mother of girls. Growing up with four sisters and only one brother I always felt more comfortable with women. I remember disco dancing to the top 40, making rose petal perfume, pinching my sister’s make-up and being taught how to paint my toe nails.

When I thought about becoming a mother I pictured telling stories, dressing-up, organising teddy bears picnics and plaiting the hair of a little girl.

So what does a self-confessed girly-girl do when she suspects she is pregnant with a boy? Well, I put my head in the sand and refused the gender scan. I told everyone the chances of me having a girl were fifty-fifty. Deep down I knew I was carrying a baby boy.

Now I am a proud mother to three beautiful boys. I wouldn’t swap them for three million girls. Of course, I still think girls are wonderful. I adore my only niece. And, whilst I can appreciate the pink bows, red shots and lovely chats, I love and enjoy my boys.

So, for anyone expecting a little boy and feeling a little bit at sea, like I did, here are my reasons to love raising boys.

1. Hugs

Boys really do give the most amazing hugs. They might be very independent and a little bit raucous but when it comes to comfort they run straight to mum for a cuddle.

2. Bold boy colours

There is no pink in our house, but it is full of brightly coloured balls, vechicles, bricks and books. Cars, diggers, trucks and trains reign supreme. I love the vivid colours of Lego and always insist on our rescue pilot being female! What’s more boys are easy and quick to shop for.

3. Boys are gentle too

Realising that little boys aren’t actually that different from little girls. My boys are big fans of teddy bear’s picnics, walking in mummy’s shoes and fetching rose petals to make perfume. They even take turns at brushing each other’s hair, patting it down and saying, ‘that’s better now.’ I am also the happy recipient of many dandelions, sticks, daisies and stones.

4. Being a princess

During my second pregnancy I told a friend that my hunch was that I was expecting twin boys. With a sigh, I whispered, “that will make me mum to three boys!” Her reply was perfect, “Yes, and that makes you their princess”. So far, so good. When I wear any dress they say ‘mummy is pretty’. When dragons roar – I’m the first to be rescued. To top it all, I smell nicer than anyone else in the house.

5. Life through the boy lens

Instead of sitting still and learning, we do a lot of very active hands on learning. On good days, I call them my little scientists because they spend ages testing how things work. On not so good days, I call them my gleeful barbarians because books tumble off shelves, toys get broken and mayhem ensues all in the pursuit of discovery.

6. Boy belly laughs

One of the best revelations, is how much they make me laugh. I’ve enjoyed watching their sense of humour develop from peek-a-boo and silly songs to their current muse – running round the coffee table one hundred times with ‘hat-boy’ nappies on! Don’t ask about the ‘hat-boy’ it’s an ‘in-joke’!

7. Getting messy

Learning to let go. Playing in the dirt and mud is really good fun!

8. Noise

The Olympic stadium has nothing on our home grown wall of noise. But it is full of laughter and giggles too. Visitors typically expect the house to be a bit messy and when it gets really noisy you don’t have to hint its time to leave.

9. Band of brothers

The boys are best friends. I was worried that as a threesome one might feel left out, but they seek out different things in each other. Everything right now starts with “mine” and fights are common. The flip side is their closeness. After tumbles and bumps they race to get the patient an ice pack and always greet each other with smiles in the morning. I hope that as they grow up they will continue to cover each other’s backs.

10. Three beautiful reminders of their dad

A bit of a soppy one to end with, but who wouldn’t smile at the thought of being surrounded by four handsome guys each day!

Graphic: By Ana Starhan

+Ali McHugh

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  1. jonny1975 says:

    : ) Boys Rule !!!

  2. What wonderful 10 reason to love boys’! Love this article. :)

  3. Anamika says:

    Wow..!! Beautiful reasons..!! :D

  4. Lovely. I LOVE my boys and wouldn’t swop them for the world. I also expected to have girls but once I had got my head round having one boy I wanted 3. And luckily thats what I got! Never thought of myself as a princess but i like that idea too!

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment ;-) Today the twins threw mud on the bottom of the slide just in time for their big brother to squelch into it then roared in laughter at how clever they were. The funny thing is I spend most of my time in flat boots and rainproof jackets adorned with sticky fingerprints. Hardly princess like but I do like the thought of it. x

  5. Love this! I wanted a girl, got a boy & am very happy I have a boy. I’d now like another boy :) x

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