An easy Easter egg hunt

If you want to try something a little different this Easter, why not arrange your very own Easter egg hunt in the garden or the house?

Egg hunt

Follow the instructions below, download our ready to use Easter egg clues and use our list of egg hunt clues to get your started.

To create the perfect Easter egg hunt for your children this Easter, all you need is a few items and plenty of enthusiasm!

For toddlers and pre-schoolers, your egg hunt needs to be easy enough that they can participate, but challenging enough that they don’t get bored or complete it after just a minutes. An Easter egg hunt that’s too difficult will leave kids feeling frustrated. A successful Easter egg hunt should be between five and 10 minutes long depending on the age of your children. Weather dependent, an outdoor egg hunt can be lots of fun getting your children to explore the garden but an indoor hunt can be just as fun!

What you will need:

  • Wooden lolly pop sticks, straws or wooden pegs
  • Little decorative fluffy yellow chicks or some yellow card
  • Glue
  • Little wrapped chocolate eggs or one big egg
  • A little wicker collectors basket or Easter bag


  1. Once you’ve decided where you want to have your Easter egg hunt, you’re ready to start planning your hunt!
  2. First you need to prepare your ‘markers’. Depending on what you have available, straws, wooden lolly pop sticks or wooden clothes pegs all work well for egg hunts. If your hunt is outdoors, wooden pegs or lolly pop sticks are best as they can be pushed into the soil or grass. Indoors, straws can be propped or placed in cups.
  3. If you have little fluffy chickens you can glue one to the top of each of the sticks, straws or pegs. If you are using the yellow card option, cut out a little chick shape and mark on a beak, eyes, and wings, glue one chick to the top of all of your markers.
  4. Hide your markers all over the house or garden with 5-10 for each child to find. If you have more than one child, you might want to use a different colour for each child to reduce competition.
  5. Be creative, for small children, hiding the markers at ground level will be easy for them to spot but older children will get bored quickly with this. Wooden pegs can be used to hide chicks in the home, on the washing line and even in trees!
  6. It’s up to you whether you want to hide a small wrapped chocolate egg with each marker or let them have one egg after they’ve found all of their markers.
  7. You may want to include some riddles for older children with each marker telling them where to find the next.

Egg hunt clues or riddles

You can use riddles and clues to help your older children find the next marker or egg. Here are some examples:

  1. As we head out the back door, you’ll find your first clue on the kitchen… (floor)
  2. We’re on an egg hunt looking for a treat, have a look at the table, there’s a clue on the…(seat)
  3. When we find a clue we have a smile on our faces, now turn to the tree and take five paces.
  4. I live on a shelf so take a look, you like to read me I am a… (book)
  5. I’m up high so I can see, come and find me I’m up the big leafy … (tree)
  6. The little egg is very clean because it’s inside the washing… (machine)
  7. Search the kitchen do not blink the second egg is hiding in the…  (sink)

For all 15 Easter egg hunt clues go to our tools page – 15 Easter egg hunt clues or just sign up below:


Be as creative as you can but understand your child’s abilities. If the riddles and clues will be too difficult for your child, stick to your hidden markers.

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Photography: Eric Ritchey @Flickr 

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