Bonfire night games

Bonfire night is a fun and exciting night of the year for all of the family (apart from the dog!). To help celebrate the 5th of November, we’ve found some fun games and activities to play before heading out for the firework show.


Here is our list of games to play with your children to celebrate Guy Fawkes night. See our calender of activities for kids in 2012 here.

Home-made fireworks

Collect some photographic film canisters from your local camera shop. Put some bicarbonate of soda in the bottom of the canister and add a mixture of vinegar and food colouring to fill is 2/3 of the way up the canister. Quickly push the lid back onto the tub and watch it pop up into the air!

Make a Guy

Making a Guy for the bonfire is a fun activity for the whole family. Gather some old clothes for your Guy to wear, a balloon, some newspaper or straw, some pens and string. Tie string around the ankles and sleeve cuffs of your clothes. Stuff the body with scrunched up newspaper or straw to make a life-like figure. For the head, blow up a balloon and decorate with the pens. Attach a piece of string to the knot of the balloon and tie it to the body. Once the bonfire is lit, through the Guy on to it.

Firework painting

To create some fun firework drawings, you’ll need black paper, paints and straws. Place a few blobs of paint onto the paper and let your children blow the paint with the straw in all different directions making them look like fireworks. For extra sparkle, add some glue and glitter to the finished painting!

Flying fireworks

A great indoor game for if the weather doesn’t hold up this November. Collect some empty toilet roll tubes in the run up to bonfire night. Decorate the tubes with coloured crepe paper and cut yellow, orange and red paper into strips of different length. Using glue, attach the coloured strips to the inside of the tube. Create a start line in your house and give everyone a rocket, who ever throws the furthest wins!

Building a bonfire

Building the actual bonfire can be turned into a fun game! Split your family and friends into two even teams. Ask each team to go and collect as many sticks as possible for the bonfire. The team with the most sticks wins.

Are you holding a Guy Fawkes night gathering? Create some of these Guy Fawkes night foods for the perfect night.

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Photography: Leigh Caldwell @Flickr

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