Comebacks for breastfeeding critics

When breastfeeding in public, or even in a friends home you’ll always find someone who thinks they know your situation better than you do.

Comebacks for breastfeeding critics

From breastfeeding advice to inappropriate questions, you’ll be surprised at the comments you might receive from strangers. Always be equipped with some witty comebacks to tackle awkward questions.

Are you still breastfeeding?

“Wow, no. I weaned when I was two but if you still are don’t feel ashamed!”
“Oh, am I? I hadn’t noticed!”
“Yes, thanks for asking. It’s great that strangers care so much that my baby is getting the best he can!”
“He is! Isn’t it great? So many mothers give up and turn to formula after rude people ask them insensitive questions and put pressure on them but not me.”

Excuse me, I’m trying to eat here!

“So is my baby, it’s great when we all have things in common.”
“So is my baby, can you keep it down a little?”
“Well that is what restaurants are for after all!”
“It’s illegal to descriminate against breastfeeding mothers in public, if you still have an issue why don’t you phone the police and explain to them why you’re breaking the law?”

When are you going to wean?

“Why don’t you ask the baby?”
“When do you suggest seeing as you know so much about my baby’s needs?”
“I would ask my baby but he’s too young to answer back yet so I’ll need to get back to you on that one.”

Isn’t he/she getting too old for that?

“Aren’t you getting too old to ask ignorant and insensitive questions?”
“It’s always inspiring to meet a member of the medical profession, where did you study to become an expert?”
“Not according to any midwife, nurse or doctor. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with their advice over yours. ”

Can’t you do that in the toilets?

“Absolutely, I’ll have the staff move your table in to the cubicle beside us!”
“Would you like to eat your lunch in a dirty toilet?”
“I’m sorry, if my breastfeeding offends you I’ll happily ask the waiter to move you to the toilets, we’re quite comfortable here thanks.”

What’s your favourite comeback when approached when breastfeeding in public?

Source: Ifbreastfeedingoffendsyou
Photography: Various Brenneman’s @Flickr

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  1. Tina Green says:

    “Why aren’t they on formula yet?” – “Oh are you willing to buy formula for me, buy me bottles, come to my house to clean the bottles, boil water, and mix up formula for me? No? Then why should I have to do it?”

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