Daffodil Easter cards

These cards are a nice craft idea combining Spring and Easter, so there’s something for

Easter crafts

What you need:

  • Strong green card (A4)
  • Strong yellow card (A4)
  • Empty egg boxes
  • Yellow poster paint
  • Paint brushes and water
  • Small decorative Easter chicks
  • Pens, glitter glue and stickers


  1. Fold the green card in half to make your background
  2. Make a template of a flower head and trace the shape on to the yellow card and cut out.
  3. Glue your yellow flower on to the green card
  4. The next stage is the messy one – so get your painting aprons on! Mums and dads should carefully cut the egg boxes into individual sections (one for the centre of each flower). These should then be painted with the yellow poster paint and left to dry.
  5. When the egg box centres are dry, glue these to the centres of the yellow card flowers to create a 3D flower effect.
  6. The final stage of the flower is to add a little Easter chick to the centre.
  7. The rest of the card is up to the little ones! Add some seasonal stickers, a message in sparkly glitter glue or a personalised drawing for the lucky recipient of this special card.

Photography: Wanda @flickr

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