DIY pick up sticks game

Feature writer Kaye shares her DIY pick up sticks game, for kids. A brilliant, cheap activity idea to keep children entertained!

DIY pick up sticks

This is a very easy game to make, and also a very cheap game to make! The bamboo skewers were fifty pence from a local shop and everything else I already had in my childrens craft box.

What you need:

  • 50 bamboo skewers
  • Childrens paint in five different colours (I only used red, blue and yellow. I mixed them together to make orange and green too)
  • A paintbrush
  • Five small pieces of coloured paper to match your paint colours
  • Scissors
  • A bottle top

Step One

DIY pick up sticks

Divide your skewers into sets of ten.

Step Two

DIY pick up sticks game

Paint each set a different colour. Some of the colours looked a bit washed out when I was painting them but once they dried they were fine and didn’t need a second coat.

Step Three

DIY pick up sticks game

Stand them in some sponge or floral oasis to dry. I used an old kitchen chair cushion.

Step Four

DIY pick up sticks game

While they’re drying, cut your pieces of paper into your desired shape. I stuck to a simple square. You could even laminate these if you want.

Step Five

DIY pick up sticks game

Once everything is dry and ready gather up all your skewers and drop them on the floor. They should land in a pretty chaotic pile.

Step Six

DIY pick up sticks game

Lay your pieces of paper on the floor and tell your children to take turns at throwing the bottle top. Whatever coloured paper the bottletop lands on, or closest to, is the colour stick they have to pick up. But they must pick it up without moving any of the other sticks.

My children loved helping to paint the sticks and had even more competetive fun trying to pick them up!
We’ll be keeping them in a decorated Pringles tube. We have to consume the Pringles first but I can’t imagine that will take very long!

+Kaye Dooler

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