Easter Sunday for kids

April 8th is Easter Sunday. Do you have an egg rolling race or any other special event planned for your kids?

Easter Sunday for kids

by Steven McKinnon, Mindful Mum, April 4th 2012

What is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday is the last day of the Christian Holy Week, and is the day when Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is the most significant day in the Christian calendar.

The story of Easter

When Jesus and his disciples arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to celebrate Passover, they were greeted with crowds of people, cheering and covering the ground with palm leaves. The crowds formed a procession to lead Jesus and his companions into the city.

However, the local Jewish priests were threatened by Jesus’ popularity and power over the common people, and sought to remove him.

While celebrating Passover, in a feast that is now known as ‘the last supper’, Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him.

After the feast, Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. He did this until the morning came, when he was confronted suddenly by Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples, and a squad of Roman soldiers.

After pleading at length with the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, the priests secured a sentence of death for Jesus, who was to be crucified.

After the crucifixion, Jesus’s friends covered his body with a shroud and placed it in a tomb, the entrance of which was covered with a large boulder.

Two days after his death, a follower of Jesus called Mary Magdalene visited the tomb, only to find that the boulder had been moved, and the tomb empty.

As Mary wept, she was approached by a man who asked why she was upset. She explained that the body of her Lord had been stolen and his tomb desecrated.

The man said, ‘Mary, it is I.’

Mary then told the rest of the disciples of Jesus’ resurrection. Although sceptical at first, Jesus showed himself to the disciples before ascending to Heaven.

How is Easter Sunday celebrated?

There are many traditions and celebrations associated with Easter; Christian churches may hold special services on the night before Easter, known as Easter vigils.

Some observances will take place on Easter itself, such as church services with music and other festive celebrations.

Other Easter celebrations are enjoyed by both religious and non-religious people, the most common being exchanging chocolate eggs and rolling hard-boiled eggs down a hill. (Eggs symbolise the beginning of new life, like the resurrection.)

Celebrating Easter Sunday with your child

There are a number of ways that you and your child can enjoy Easter Sunday together; check out our other Easter articles to find out which would be best for you!

Egg rolling race

One of the most enduring traditions at Easter is to have an egg rolling race. (Rolling eggs downhill symbolises the removal of the stone that covered the entrance to Jesus’ tomb.)

  1. Boil some eggs, one for each person playing. You can keep it to just your family, or invite your child’s friends round (though this might mean you have to shell out for a lot of eggs!).
  2.  When the eggs are boiled, decorate them using paint, pens or dye. Why not use our 5 easy egg decorating ideas for kids or this list of pretty Easter eggs for inspiration?
  3. Mark a start and an end line where the eggs will be rolled from. The beginning and end of the race can be as far apart as you like. We recommend going to a park or other wide-open space, but your garden will do as well!
  4. Get all the players to the start line, making sure everyone’s on their hands and knees and nobody’s cheating!
  5. When you’re ready, get the players to roll the eggs using their nose after you count down from 3. The winner is the owner of the egg that made it to the finish line first, and their prize can be a small Easter egg or other treat!

Photography: James Williams @Flickr

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