Easy Easter Egg Decorating

Pressed for time and need to decorate eggs for rolling down the hill or an egg hunt?

Here are 5 easy ways to decorate an Easter egg that is eye catching and toddler friendly with minimum mess.

5 easy egg decorating ideas for kids

1 Sticker eggs

The easiest egg decorating idea that requires no dye is stickers. Simply use small round stickers in different colours to create a pattern like a flower or keep it simple with a few big dots. Toddlers love stickers and you may even have some spare from reward charts, calenders or children’s comics. An Iggle Piggle or Bob the Builder egg is totally acceptable although your pre-schooler might not want to part with it.

2 Glue and Glitter eggs

Polka dot glitter eggs are simple yet stunning! The eggs below in pretty polka dot blue and pink glitter are a great example. For young children you don’t have to be that neat. Just roll in glue or get ‘stick-happy’ with the glue stick and roll in glitter.

3 Tattoo eggs

Remember those pretend tattoo transfers when you were young? Well, they look great on eggs too. Just follow the instructions on the transfers.

 4 Stencil eggs

This uses the same resources as the sticker eggs, but this time you put the stickers on before you dye the eggs and peel the stickers off once the eggs are dry. Star, butterfly and dinosaur stickers all all firm favourites when it comes to little ones.

5 Double sided sticky taped eggs

Strong geometric shapes work best. Cut the double sided sticky tape into strips that are 0.5 cm thick and attach to your egg. Use separate bowls for different colours of glitter. Remove the backing from one strip of double sided sticky tape and firmly roll the egg in the darkest colour of glitter. Gently remove the extra glitter. Then repeat for your next colour of glitter.

Gallery of easy Easter eggs

The Easter eggs decorated in the gallery below been made by adults and are shown as examples of the decorating idea. Little ones eggs will be, well, a little bit more child like. Easter eggs don’t have to be perfect. Have fun making them and don’t forget they will end up being rolled down a hill or tucked behind a tree somewhere.
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Source: See the Mindful Mum Pinterest Easter Egg Board.

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