Etsy baby does Halloween

Etsy baby inspires us to hold a Halloween party for kids with these spooky but not overly scary delights!


Halloween parties for kids are great fun and don’t have to be ultra scary. Here are the best Halloween picks from Etsy 2012.
Keep your little ones when trick or treating in this cosy jack lantern hat.
pumpkin hats for kids

Pumpkin hats for kids £15.94 – ELSLOW5

Hang this orange and black halloween garland to welcome young ghosts and ghouls.
Halloween decorations

Halloween garland decoration – £9.56 – CoutureByAyca

Broken or sprained arm? Why not give it a costume with this rather swanky halloween sling!

Kids Halloween Sling – £16.57 – KidsSlings

Trick or treat old style!

Vintage trick or treat bag – £6.37 – angelinabella

Combining monsters and cake – why not!

Mini monster cup cake toppers – £7.65 – SweetButtercupDesgin

Etsy Baby does have a thing for Stars Wars – but not in a geek way (honest!)
Star wars baby costume

R2D2 starwards toddler costume – £36.97 – TheWishingElephant

Get ready to practice your dragon roar!
Red dragon costume

Red dragon costume – £35.06 – BeauMiracleForYou

Graphic: Ana Starhan

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